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No Code Editor 2019

Has anything changed?

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So... after looking through our early Learning Curve contributions and in particular our No Code Editor parts One, Two, and Three, we decided to have a go at making a new version of the application with Apple's mighty tools.

What you see below is the result.

First we have to find out how to create a brand new project. It's on the 'New' menu.

Next we have to pick 'Cocoa App(lication)'. Easy enough.

Next we fill in a bit of data about the app(lication). This is helpful.

Xcode fills in a lot of stuff we used to have to fill in on our own. This is nice.

Getting this skeleton application to run is a no-brainer as before.

And just put an NSTextView up there and the possibilities open up. Here's the automatic font panel.

And we even get an 'About' box for free. All we need's the icon. No code.

But you knew there was a catch, didn't you? Of course there's a catch. This was still unexpected.

For what we did at that point was look around for the 'build files'. There was nothing in /private/tmp and there was no 'build' subdirectory either.

But in ~/Library/Developer's 'Derived Data' on the other hand...

Note that the above subdirectory is specific to our new project which has been compiled and linked a single time.

Here's how our Xfind breaks it down.

  • 2,480 files were generated.
  • Those files consume 78,284,010 bytes.
  • For 74,400 blocks (304,742,400 bytes) real disk usage.
  • Don't forget that lone XA for another 4 KB.

And that's for a skeletal application where not a single line of code has yet been written.

Now there's nothing saying that the state of things isn't just as bad on other platforms. But what does it say about the state of things today?

It seems to say that the plumbers have lost the plot.

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