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Sometimes light bulbs take a long time to turn on

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I'm surprised no one else sees this coming. (I mean in the world at large, not amongst you!) But given the way people are today to not think critically, I can't be surprised actually.

Fear of malware: it's gone beyond securing the perimeter, and gone into even static image files. The day may come when someone tries to create a POC with a text file, and then you'll have to secure text files too.

Take this file CompatibilityNotificationData.plist: see where it's buried?

It's got four layers of root:wheel-owned directories marked 0755 so no one can do anything in there. But Apple went and code-signed it.

Someone tell me they're not trying to engender paranoia?

There's a direct correlation between this mindless code-signing and Apple's 'Plan B' - what they do when the smartphone market dries up (as it is doing today).

They're looking at additional revenues in the billions if they can get every window-licker to sign on to their platform. But the pretense they're using is that it's all to protect you, the user.

You're supposed to believe that 1) yes you do need to protect your JPEGs because a malicious JPEG could damage your computer; 2) the only way - THE ONLY WAY - this can be done is if you PUT YOUR TRUST IN APPLE.

Apple will protect you. Only Apple will protect you.

No one's even looked into the matter yet. Do we need to secure our image files? How could we do so in such case? Do we really have to go through another company? The complications. Software written for multiple platforms. And so forth. It's not going to work, and it wasn't designed so it would work. It was designed to up the fever pitch, get everyone voluntarily into the walled garden, exact a 30% slave tax - half of what the vendors make - and get to control it all. Everything. No one gets to see a product unless they approve. They can yank a product at any time, any moment, for any reason or for no reason at all.

You like that?

Your software needs to be even more secure? You wandered over from Windows and are a lot safer today. What further dangers do you imagine are out there? Want to discuss it? Look at what solutions are available, within reach.

Fine. But must any of them go through a money-hungry whale of a predator of a commercial company?

I trust what I can see and form myself. Nothing else. I do not trust my own software if someone else gets their hands on it and tells me I can't peek inside and change anything if I still want access to their marketplace.

Digital River once asked that of us. We told them to go fuck themselves. The matter won't be treated differently because now it'd be Apple. On the contrary. There's probably no company anywhere we trust less.

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