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Shark-Infested Waters

And what you can do about it. A ray of hope.

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Hi John,

I hope this finds you well.

Freedom is not a combination of letters that describe the political status quo of a nation, but rather the experience with which individuals define their souls, an emotion that transcends the boundaries of being and penetrates where sunlight cannot reach. But therein can be found a ray of hope: in the mind which struggles to break the shackles of society and in the heart which beats with the pride of freedom.

This is the first feeling I absorbed when I searched for your company online. Too reserved, not at all easy to find, you know how not to advertise loudly. And in the modesty of the information available, I came to realise that you are characterised by ethics, professionalism, and a desire to experience things together with those who seek freedom.

You want to protect individuals from the lack of knowledge they have about the malice that computer science can abuse in situations where integrity is not managed, and that's a value that is going to lose ground today. For people who have lost the memory of how computer information has turned into a boomerang, you have the cure: irony and harshness towards those who abuse in the name of freedom of information. This is done with great finesse.

'Too reserved, not at all easy to find, you know how not to advertise loudly.'

This is why you are special. Because you swim in waters where sharks lurk below the surface. But apparently you are good swimmers, as long as you are not shredded by their teeth, which in everyday life symbolise a world where profit is more valuable than dignity and money is the currency by which human beings are bought and sold.

What about humanism? That's a fairy tale told by the powerful to the weak. A beautiful story to be sure, but useless when it comes to being followed by those who constantly talk about models.

We live in a time of commercialism, where values are about what sells, not about what mission you have towards people. So I would like to take the opportunity to join with you, because you are a part of the globe where the sun hasn't yet set. I want to have a ray of hope. I want to believe that freedom is not a marketable product but a state of mind. And I want to choose my freedom without it being imposed on me by others.

Will you give me a hand, so that I may hope that all of us have a heaven of freedom, where the stars shine for all who seek them?

The above was sent to Radsoft on 6 December 2021.

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