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We never bought into the bullshit.

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We're still here, John and John. So John, you embalmed freak, and John, you phat phuck, you'll have to put up with us even today.

Oh those were the glory days. Before the welcome veneer of the macho Redwood City had washed off, to be replaced by the politically correct Way of the Gay. Back when one could still claim that an Apple laptop was indeed masculine and indeed safest. After all, the FBI swore by them, and they weren't all whimpering fags.

Everything that Apple did was correct, nothing that NeXT had done before that was right, respected pundits got hung out to dry for praising NeXT. Even though the Apple fags had no clue what NeXT had done.

Apple took on a mostly finished product and started plucking away. The thankfully unique John Siracusa admitted that what was going on was vandalism, pure blasphemy, but still goaded Apple's inept programmers to 'keep up the good fight'.

Apple predated today's insane wokeism by several decades.

And it's only when inside the eye of that storm that one can realise how ugly, how deep-to-the-marrow rotten it is. People lost their jobs because they criticised Apple in public. We had a post removed from Apple's forums for merely suggesting that it used to be cool to get a free 'mac.com' email address as a Mac purchaser.

David Pogue devoted two chapters of his unavoidable books to Unix. Actually he turned over the mic to Chris Stone who wrote the chapters. 'This is not the old Mac OS' was the mantra they tried to instill in the hopeless hapless fanboys - to no avail.

'Why do we have to have so many folders around here', they lamented. 'We miss the good old days when there was only one folder for EVERYTHING!'

Did you know that Macs never needed modems? It's true. Ask any fanboy. Even back in the dialup days. Macs don't need modems because they're Macs.

Apple came away from their expensive tour of PARC and built the most ridiculous OS ever. Their filesystem was called 'MFS'. You'll never guess what that stood for. That system was so bad they had to scrap it - and introduce 'HFS' as its replacement. The mind boggles. A file system based on connected nodes where each node has three connecting nodes but the third connecting node is never used. Pure genius.

HFS is so bad that even Microsoft's lame MS-DOS filesystem has an easier time adapting to Unix. Yes, that is true.

Apple defines IT-fascism. Go against them, embarrass them in any way, and they will destroy you. And they'll get their brownshirts to toss bricks through your shop windows. Ask Maynor and Ellch.

Apple cannot be respected, or taken seriously, in the wider IT community. Not even today. Especially today. They've broken all the rules. They're not good on their word. And they're never loyal. NeXT lost all their big clients just for signing with Apple. No-fucking-body wants to deal with Apple. What a bunch of antisocial twits.

From data forks and resource forks to extended attributes to Scott Forstall's iPhone to running everything as root to a complete about-face with code-signing where corporate reps had to give advanced courses in how to sign nontrivial projects - who puts up with that shit?

Single-app companies do. Like the pathetic 'Punkass' who was literally given the code to a word processor so he could, from day to day, add a new semicolon here, remove one there - and, because he was a member of the 'landed gentry' and helped mix the Kool-Aid every morning, got promoted and supported for his non-product. Or take the other gent who refused to take the small step up to Objective-C. But instead continued to churn out updates to his outdated products - universally praised by the 'community' but capable of crashing completely just by clicking on the wrong place in the title bar. (Yes really.)

This is beyond reason. This is worse than Alice ever feared. This is reality for those on the inside of the 'walled garden'. There are no issues because you just ignore the issues. They don't exist.

From programmers excited at a Unix that could have saved the world we became onlookers who in disbelief witnessed a nasty cultural psychosis. We were never interested in post-grad work in abnormal psychology - we liked computing science. Boy were we ever in for a shock. The 2010s provided a great excuse to get away for a while. The fanboy community is one sick motherfucker that can put Jonestown to shame.

Not that the NeXT OS was bad. For it wasn't. That OS adhered to solid engineering principles, many of which came from the open source movement. Let each group be responsible for each module. Build on the work of others. If there's a bug in one module, then contact the owners and let them fix it. Don't go forking code at whim. Forking is bad bad bad.

Apple of course did the complete opposite. Ask Charlie Miller, the all-time champion at hacking Apple. How did he do it, time after time, year after year? He looked into the on-disk list of open source modules used by Apple. He compared Apple's version numbers with the real version numbers. If he found Apple lagging behind again, he checked the change logs for the module, to see if they'd fixed any major bugs. If he found such a bug, it was Apple Toast Time, and he once again walked away with the Big Prize.

NeXT wouldn't do like Apple. No company would. NeXT built on FreeBSD. The Unix of the system. Got a problem with the underbody? Talk to the FreeBSD guys.

We've compared Apple file management code with the owner of a well-known open source file management module. When he saw what Apple had been doing, he almost shat a brick. Things like that are simply not done, he insisted! Of course not. Of course they're not. Now try accepting a system-wide file management 'pretty face' that, after over a dozen years of iterations, causes such egregious crashes that you have to HARD (cold) reboot the entire system. What kind of clowns are they at Apple anyway?

Do they not understand that file management has to be the cornerstone of any system? That this module, this 'object', has to be the most fine-tuned code in the box? No they do not. They do not understand any of that. They're Apple and they can do no wrong.

It's time to stop making excuses for Apple. They're the crappiest IT company ever. They have fanboys who will suck up and eat all their shit and pay dearly for it. They're a cult. They're not computer - or device - users. They're a fucking cult. Own one of their products and you've got your Mickey Mouse ears.

Do you realise that every Apple app launch involves a 'phone home'? Do you not remember what happened when their network got in trouble when they were rolling out a new OS? And nobody's apps anywhere would launch?

Nobody's apps except ours of course. For we never bought into that bullshit.

You've obviously heard of us, otherwise you wouldn't be here.
We're known for telling the truth even if it's not in our interest.
We're now telling you to beware Apple's walled garden. Don't get locked in.
What you've seen so far may be only the beginning of something far far worse.
Download our Test Drive and at least check out our free Keymaster Solo.
That's the first step to regaining your freedom. See here.

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