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The original. Serving up shortcuts since May 2004. A repository for every keyboard secret in OS X. Some of these are well known, others are not. Shortcuts in the Menu category are 'common' rather than 'universal'. This list should continue to grow exponentially over time. [Click here for the official definitive list of Windows keyboard shortcuts!]

ACPBootDesktopMail.appMenuNSOutlineViewNSTextNumPadPowerSafari.appTerminal.appUniversal AccessVoiceOver

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⌘~Resolve Path
⌘"Tidy Up Quote
⌘.Stop Search
⌘+Set All Filters
⌘-Clear All Filters
⌘DFind Previous
⇧⌘IInfo on Mount
⌘KConnect to Server
⇧⌘KDisconnect from Server
⇧⌘WClean White
⌘^LI Brackets
⇧-dragFollow Copy
⇧⌘-dragFollow Move


Cstart from CD
Dstart from 1st partition
Nstart from network server
Tput computer in FireWire Target Disk Mode
Xstart in OS X
show all startup disks
⌥⇧⌘⌫start from external drive or CD
⌥⌘OFopen firmware
⌥⌘PRzap PRAM (hold until 2nd chime)
⌘Ssingle user mode
mouse buttoneject CD
after power-up: turn off kernel extensions
after login: prevent startup items from opening


⌘-tabcycle forward through applications
⇧⌘-tabcycle back through applications
⌘`cycle forward through application windows
⇧⌘`cycle back through application windows
⌥⌘'move focus to window drawer
⌥⌘-escForce Quit dialog
⌘-toolbar lozengecycle forward through toolbar displays
⇧⌘-toolbar lozengecycle backward through toolbar displays
⇧⌘3screen dump (entire screen)
⌃⇧⌘3screen dump to clipboard (entire screen)
⇧⌘4screen dump (drag a rectangle)
⌃⇧⌘4screen dump to clipboard (drag a rectangle)
⇧⌘4-⇧lock far side of highlighted rectangle
⇧⌘4-⌥centre highlighted rectangle
⇧⌘4-spacemove highlighted rectangle
⇧⌘4,space,clickscreen dump (highlighted window)
⌘-drag window title baradjust window in background
⌥-click Dock icon or windowswitch to new program, hide previous one
⌥⌘-click Dock iconswitch to new program, hide all others
⌘-dragrearrange or remove menulets or toolbar icons
⌘-click window titleexpose path in popup
⌥-zoom buttonmaximise window
⇧-minimise buttonminimise window slowly
⇧-click minimised window in Dockopen window slowly
⇧-close buttonclose window slowly
⌥⌘Wclose all application windows
⌥-close buttonclose all application windows
⌥⌘Mminimise all application windows
⌥-double-click title barminimise all application windows
⌥-click Dock iconrestore all application windows
⌥-minimise buttonminimise all application windows
⌥⌘Dtoggle appearance of Dock
⌘-drag onto Dock iconprevent Dock icons from moving
⌥⌘-drag onto Dockforce program to open dragged item
F9Exposé: show all windows
⇧F9Exposé: show all windows slowly
F10Exposé: show all windows for active app
⇧F10Exposé: show all windows for active app slowly
F11Exposé: hide all windows
⇧F11Exposé: hide all windows slowly
F12toggle Dashboard
⌘-spacetoggle Spotlight
⌥⌘-spaceopen Spotlight window
⌘-enteropen first Spotlight result
⌘↑previous Spotlight category
⌘↓next Spotlight category
⌃-clickopen Spotlight selection in file viewer
escclose Spotlight


⌘'Quote Level Increase
⌥⌘'Quote Level Decrease
⌘0Activity Viewer
⌘1Go To In
⌘2Go To Out
⌘3Go To Drafts
⌘4Go To Sent
⌘5Go To Trash
⌘6Go To Junk
⇧⌘AAttach File
⌥⌘AAddress Panel
⌥⌘CCopy Style
⇧⌘DSend Again
⇧⌘HToggle Long Headers
⇧⌘IReply With iChat
⌥⌘IAppend Selected Messages
⇧⌘JMark As Junk Mail
⌘KErase Deleted Messages
⇧⌘KSelect All Messages in Thread
⌘LToggle Deleted Messages
⇧⌘LMark As Unflagged
⌥⌘LApply Rules
⇧⌘MToggle Mailboxes
⇧⌘NGet All New Mail
⌥⌘PPlain Text Alternative
⇧⌘RReply All
⇧⌘TToggle Plain Text
⌥⌘TMove Again
⇧⌘UMark As Unread
⌥⌘UShow Raw Source
⇧⌘VPaste as Quotation
⌃⌘VPaste as HTML
⌥⌘VPaste Style
⌥⇧⌘VPaste and Match Style
⌘YAdd Sender to Address Book
⌘[Previous Alternative
⌘]Next Alternative
⌘{Align Left
⌘|Align Centre
⌘}Align Right


⌘+Zoom In
⌘-Zoom Out
⌘0Actual Size
⌘;Check Spelling
⌘?Application Help
⌘ASelect All
⌘BToggle Toolbar
⇧⌘CShow Colors
⌘DAdd Bookmark
⌘DDon't Save
⌘DFind Previous
⌘EUse Selection for Find
⌘GFind Next
⇧⌘GGo to Folder
⌘HHide Application
⌥⌘HHide Others
⌘IGet Info
⌘JScroll to Selection
⌘KConnect to Server
⇧⌘KDisconnect from Server
⇧⌘LLower Case
⌥⌘MMinimize All
⌘NNew (Window)
⇧⌘PPage Setup
⌘QQuit Application
⇧⌘QLog Out
⌥⇧⌘QLog Out Without Confirmation
⌃⌥⇧⌘QForce Log Out Without Confirmation
⇧⌘SSave As
⌘TNew Tab
⌘TShow Fonts
⇧⌘UUpper Case
⌘WClose Tab
⌘WClose Window
⇧⌘WClose Window
⌥⌘WClose All Windows


⌥⌘←Collapse All
⌥-click disclosure triangleCollapse All
⌥⌘→Expand All
⌥-click disclosure triangleExpand All


⌃Amove to beginning of paragraph
⌃Bmove one character back
⌃Ddelete character to right
⌃Emove to end of paragraph
⌃Fmove one character forward
⌃Kdelete text to end of paragraph
⌃Nmove to next line
⌃Oinsert newline
⌃Pmove to previous line
⌃Ttranspose characters
⌥⌫delete word to left
⌥⌦delete word to right
⌥←move one word left
⌥→move one word right
⌘←move to beginning of line
⌘→move to end of line
⌥↑move up one page
⌥↓move down one page
⌘←move to beginning of line
⌘→move to end of line
⌘↑move to beginning of view
⌘↓move to end of view


fn0Button Hold
fn1Mouse NW
fn2Mouse NN
fn3Mouse NE
fn4Mouse WW
fn5Button Click
fn6Mouse EE
fn7Mouse SW
fn8Mouse WW
fn9Mouse SE
fn.Button Release


⌃⌥⌘-powershut down


⌘+Zoom In
⌘-Zoom Out
⌘/Status Bar
⌘0Actual Size
⌘\Show Page Load Test Window
⌘|Address Bar
⌥⌘1Top Sites
⇧⌘AAutofill Form
⌥⌘BBookmarks Bar
⌥⌘CError Console
⌥⌘EEmpty Cache
⌥⌘FGoogle Search
⇧⌘GFind Previous
⌥⌘IWeb Inspector
⇧⌘JShow JavaScript Console
⌘KBlock Popups
⌘LOpen Location
⇧⌘NAdd Bookmark Folder
⌥⇧⌘PProfile JavaScript
⇧⌘SStart Profiling With Sample
⇧⌘TStop Profiling With Sample
⌥⌘SSearch Results Snapback
⌥⌘UView Source
⇧⌘→Next Tab
⇧⌘←Previous Tab
⌘↑Page Upper Left
⌘↓Page Bottom Left


⌃Amove to beginning of line
⌃Emove to end of line
⌃Ttranspose characters
⌃Uerase line
esc,Bmove one word back
esc,Ccapitalise next word
esc,Derase next word
esc,Fmove one word forward
esc,Lmake next word lowercase
esc,Umake next word uppercase
esc,⌫erase previous word

Universal Access

⌥⌘*Toggle Zoom
⌥⌘+Zoom In
⌥⌘-Zoom Out
⌥⌘\Toggle Zoom Antialiasing
⌃⌥⌘*Toggle Monochrome
⌥⌘TToggle Character Palette
⌃F1Toggle Full Keyboard Access
⌃F2Highlight Menu
⌃F3Highlight Dock
⌃F4Highlight Active Window
⌃F5Highlight Toolbar
⌃F6Highlight Utility Window
⌃F7Toggle Keyboard Access Mode
⌃F8Highlight Status Menus


⌘F5Toggle VoiceOver
⌃F7Toggle '⌃⌥' Lock
⌃⌥F7Show VoiceOver Menu
⌃⌥F8Open VoiceOver Utility
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