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OS X Menus 3

Smashing Cocoa for fun and profit part three: ACP Service Manager Pro.

There is a way to do all of part one of this series without hacking around your system - at least now there is.

Called ACP Service Manager Pro, it's an extension of the ACP Service Manager released last month with the ACP Web Services.

ACP Service Manager Pro takes things to a whole new level, letting you configure everything on your Services menu - not only the services you install, but everyone else's too.

Don't like the text on a menu item? Look it up in the table and edit it on the spot. Want to change a keyboard shortcut? Just as easy. Want to remove services entirely? Not a problem.

Backup your Services menus; pluck new menus from a huge 'grab bag' of over 150 (one hundred fifty) services; examine the dynamic state of your Services menus with the built-in diagnostic utilities; and more.

And ACP Service Manager Pro includes full support for the ACP Web Services.

ACP Service Manager Pro in the AppleCore Project Gallery >>

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