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Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

The official definitive list.

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Application Management

Ctrl+Alt+Deletecycle back or forward through applications
Ctrl+Alt+Deletecycle back or forward through application windows
Ctrl+Alt+Deletecycle back or forward through process list
(Prohibited By Law)process management
spacescreen dump (entire screen)
(Prohibited By Law)screen dump (drag a rectangle)
spacescreen dump (highlighted window)
Ctrl+Alt+Deletecycle back or forward through keyboard layouts
Ctrl+Alt+Delete-click on windowadjust window in background
Ctrl+Alt+Delete-click on icon or
switch to new program and crash it
Ctrl+Alt+Delete-click on iconswitch to new program and crash all others
(Any Key)expose bugs in Windows
(Update Button)maximise Microsoft profits
(Default)pay Bill Gates too much
(Dream On)close Microsoft and put Bill Gates in gaol
(No User Intervention Necessary)force all programs to crash, hang, or shut down


Esc+space+F9-left arrowmove to beginning of paragraph
Esc+space+F2-left arrowmove one character back
Esc+space+F3-deletedelete character to right
Esc+space+F9-right arrowmove to end of paragraph
Esc+space+F7-right arrowmove one character forward
Esc+space+F3-right arrowmove one character forward
(Any Key)delete text to end of paragraph
Esc+space+F0-down arrowmove to next line
Shift+Esc+space+F0-down arrowinsert newline
Esc+space+F1-up arrowmove to previous line
(Any Key)transpose characters
Shift+Esc+Windowsdelete word to either right or left
Shift+Esc+Windowsdelete line either above or below


9+1+1Windows support US
1+1+2Windows support EU


F1execute command
Alt+F4Turbo Mode
(Not Available)Stop
(Not Available)Spelling
(Not Available)Check Spelling
(Not Available)Application Help
(Default)Don't Save
(Not Available)Find Previous
(Prohibited By Law)Eject
US Federal Government
Button (Hold For A Long Time)
(Deprecated)Find Next
(Not Applicable)Go to Folder
(Default)Hide Application
(Any Key)Hide Others
(Dream On)Get Info
(Prohibited By Law)Import
spaceScroll to Selection
(Not Available)New (Windows)
(Temporarily Out Of Order)Print
(Dream On)Page Setup
(Any Key)Quit Application
Ctrl+Alt+DeleteLog Out
Ctrl+Alt+DeleteLog Out Without Confirmation
Ctrl+Alt+DeleteForce Log Out Without Confirmation
(Prohibited By Law)Save
(See Above)Save As
We Don't Have No Tabs!
We Don't Need No Stinking Tabs!
New Tab
(Default)Show Microsoft Fonts
(AOL Key)Upper Case
We Don't Have No Tabs!
We Don't Need No Stinking Tabs!
Close Tab
(Any Key)Close Window
(You Must Be Joking)Undo
(See A Doctor)Redo
(There Is No Going Back)Back
(Wait Five Minutes)Forward


On/Off Power Grid Switchrestart
On/Off Power Grid Switchshut down
On/Off Power Grid Switchsleep (a long time)


Ctrl+Alt+Deletestart from 1st partition
Ctrl+Alt+Deletestart from network server
Ctrl+Alt+Deleteput computer in Malware Target Disk Mode
Ctrl+Alt+Deletestart in CP/M
Ctrl+Alt+Deletestart in MS-DOS
Ctrl+Alt+Deletestart in Windows for Workgroups
Ctrl+Alt+Deletestart in Windows NT
Ctrl+Alt+Deletestart in Windows 95
Ctrl+Alt+Deletestart in Windows 98
Ctrl+Alt+Deletestart in Windows 98SE
Ctrl+Alt+Deletestart in Windows 2000
Ctrl+Alt+Deletestart in Windows Me
Ctrl+Alt+Deletestart in Windows XP
Ctrl+Alt+Deletestart in Windows XP Service Pack 2
Ctrl+Alt+Deletestart in Windows Longhorn
Ctrl+Alt+Deletestart in Windows Vista
Ctrl+Alt+Deletestart in Windows 7 (aka Windows Vista 7)
Ctrl+Alt+Deletestart in OpenBSD (aka Windows Vista 8)
Ctrl+Alt+Deleteprevent load of startup items
Ctrl+Alt+Deleteshow all startup disks
Ctrl+Alt+Deletestart from external drive or CD
Ctrl+Alt+Deletestart in Safe Mode
(Any Key)single user mode
(Not Available)Lauren De Long buyers remorse button
Ctrl+Alt+DeleteScan Disk Verbose
Ctrl+Alt+Deleteeject Windows
Ctrl+Alt+Deleteafter power-up: reboot

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