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G8: What You Need To Do

Poverty kills.

Tomorrow the leaders of the world's eight richest nations - the so called 'G8' - will meet at Gleneagles in Perthshire, Scotland. One matter they do not officially have on the agenda is making poverty history.

Poverty kills - and at an alarming rate - and there is no reason to tolerate it, not now, not ever. Bob Geldof's extravaganza this past weekend is testimony to the will of the planet - to make poverty history.

The G8 are not being asked to inject capital in Africa; they're being asked to relax the stranglehold that keeps Africa poor. The G8 are smart enough to know that corrupt governments would only use further charity for themselves anyway.

But the G8 are powerful enough to affect political as well as economic change in Africa. They do not need to underwrite Bob Geldof's plan, either in whole or in part - but they do need to take swift and decisive action.

Where You Come In

You have congressional and parliamentary representatives. Write to them and tell them you demand quick action to make poverty history. Point out clearly that you are not looking for more handouts - only for a fairer relationship with Africa.

Your national government undoubtedly has a website - find out how you can write to your government at that level and demand the same.

The Carrot

Sir Richard Branson just flew into Edinburgh. He brought Natalie Imbruglia with him. They brought an entire contingent to be on hand for the G8 summit tomorrow.

Sir Richard promised he will invest heavily in Africa if the G8 get their act together. He also predicted many other corporations would do the same. Which only makes sense - but it is reasoning that has yet to be impressed on the G8. At least now they have a carrot dangling in front of them.

Gleneagles is a fabulous place. One night arrangements for two start at £322, including table d'hôte dinner. Click on any of the pictures in this article to be virtually transported there.

And do what you can. So perhaps at least one of the people living sumptuously for money that would feed a starving child for the longest time gives thought to that starving child.

Thank you.

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