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Wintel Hardware Quality

Windows isn't enough of an insult: the physical machines have to be junk as well.

Charlatans like Rob Enderle like to tell everyone how cool Wintel hardware can be and how it can 'kick the PowerBook's butt'. But what they conveniently fail to tell you is how shitty that hardware is.

Apple computers go through rigourous tests to leave the factory; Wintel OEMs are satisfied if they can boot Windows. Place your money in a Wintel machine and you're toast.

Which isn't exactly a secret for the pros out there, but it's nice to be reminded from time to time. The following picture comes in from a recent acquisition in London. A brand new Wintel computer not ten minutes old - and it's literally toast. You can see the burn marks on the power supply.

'Wintel hardware quality'.

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