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NCE - The OS X No Code Editor 3

Do you still think OS X needs text editors for $179?

This article is a simple follow-up of the two previous articles on NCE the OS X No Code Editor. For those who need more encouragement, the full application package and the source code are available by clicking the image below.

The total size of the download - including both the full source code and the full application package - is ten kilobytes [sic].

There are ways to enhance this of course: you can start by adding an icon. Place the icon in the Resources directory of the application package or add it to the project and build the application again.

For purposes of backward compatibility, the project is built with PBX; if you have Xcode, the latter will update the project very easily.

You can also add further document types so the editor can basically open anything that is plain text.

Best of luck. And the best way to show your gratitude is by not buying expensive dinosaurs anymore. Realise the power of the operating system you're running: this application is essentially 'no code' and yet it already does everything for you - it opens, creates, saves files; it has built-in spell checking and built-in speech; and so forth. Use what you already have on disk - don't buy more wheels.

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