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Don't Do It Arnie

He has no right. No one has. Write to him and tell him so. Use the link below or click on the graphic to the right. Copy out any portion of this letter if you want - 6000 characters allowed - and be clear, concise, and to the point. And it's best to use your own words.

Do it now.

And then use the links at the bottom of the page to visit Petition Online and Amnesty USA to join in even there.

Email the Governor


Thank you for your interest in the Governor's Web Mail. Please note that governor@governor.ca.gov is still available but using the web form will ensure a much faster response.

Subject: Corrections and Rehabilitation Reform

Please don't do it. You have no right to take life. No one has.


Do like George Ryan. If you don't, remember you are responsible for murder, and some day you will no longer be in office and you might want to be popular as an 'actor' again.

We think we speak for many when we say that we had no idea you would be involved in such things; if you don't stop this murder you are going to turn a lot of your movie fans permanently against you.

But that shouldn't be the reason you show intelligence here. The press are saying you want to kill this guy because it will make you look good in the political arena. So this poor guy's fate is dependent on your politicial opportunism?

No one has the right to take life. No one. And saying 'well he may have already taken life' doesn't wash as an excuse. YOU don't have a right. NO ONE does. Because someone else did something like that does NOT give anyone else a right to do the same. Two wrongs to not a right make.

Your entire state - yea the entire world - is against things like this. Show some intelligence. Bring the US into the same century and millennium as the rest of the world.

And above all, save and spare this poor man's life. If you read the above article, you will also see how bleeding tooth greedy these people are to make political capital on the whole thing. He's innocent - that much is fairly certain. His trial was certainly a scum thing of the dirtiest caliber.

But that shouldn't sway you - you should do the right thing on principles alone. Killing is WRONG. No one has to the right to take life. NO ONE.

If you say that to people - if you tell them no one has the right to take life, and your legislation as legislation across the planet says precisely that, thank you - then you must back it up by your actions.

You are not a god. You don't have the right. No one does. You may not take this person's life. Nor anyone else's. No one has that right.

Pardon them all. Show us - the world - what kind of hero you really can be.

Thank you.

Petition Online

Amnesty USA Action Centre

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