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Re: Spyware warriors call for action

Found at http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/4696532.stm.

Have you been a victim of spyware? Have you struggled to rid your computer of trojans, rootkits or other unwanted software? Send your comments to the BBC News website using the form below.

Rick Downes, Sydney Phillips

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Cambridge, Stockholm

No, we've not been victims of spyware, and you know why. You know full well. Many of your reporters such as Bill Thompson are in the same boat. Your own people conducted a series of migration tests in the fall of 2001 and published online at this very site demonstrating that escape from these miseries is not only possible but eminently easy.

And yet you continue to refuse to enlighten your readership of this.

One remembers how in the wake of the outbreak of the Love Bug worm in May 2000 you refused to publish the fact that the worm only affected Microsoft products. One sees the same thing happening again. And again and again. But now it's gone way too far - your integrity as honest journalists is in jeopardy. Or more like totally destroyed.

Your article and the scenario it describes constitute a major effort to keep the truth from people.

Mention of the efforts of the FTC conveniently circumvents the fact that US citizens are paying through the nose for these witch hunts when Microsoft are solely to blame. For had Microsoft provided their users with satisfactory products, none of this would have happened and you know it. Microsoft are cheating their customers - now that they can get the FTC involved, they're even cheating people who don't use their products.

Seeing Andrew Miller get his picture in your article only adds insult to injury. Miller has no clue - that much is obvious, or otherwise he too would come out and tell people the truth - but he like everyone else is attempting to capitalise on this unforgivable mess.

And people like Brothwood, Howes, and Turner - they're fools, aren't they? Warriors? For what kind of warrior stubbornly insists on staying outside the castle walls to fight the invasion when everyone else's safe inside?

But they're more than fools, and they're certainly not innocent: like you, they're perpetrating the dangerous and expensive myth that things like this normally can occur and often do occur regardless of platform - when you know just as well as we do that this is not, never was, and never will be the case.

We dare you to print this letter. We surely shall. We dare you to print it totally 'as is' - with nothing removed, abbreviated, abridged, censored or expurgated in any way.

We dare you.

But we know you won't. And we know why you won't. And you know we know why.

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