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Steve's Thermal Grease® - FAQ

Cooking your breakfast in the great outdoors with your new MacBook Pro.

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Q: I followed your cooking table to the microsecond but nothing gets cooked on my MacBook Pro. What am I doing wrong?

A: Your MacBook Pro might be a 'rev B', in which case the thermal grease has been correctly applied (for electronic use) and the temperature is no longer in the desirable range. What you need to do is purchase thermal grease of your own and apply it.

Following is what your MacBook Pro probably looks like now - of course you can't cook anything!

Purchase your Steve's Thermal Grease® at your local Apple Store. If it's hard to find, ask at the GENIUS BAR. Now open your MacBook Pro without violating your warranty and apply Steve's Thermal Grease® as shown in the photos below. Bon appetit!

Q: What's hotter - the sun of our solar system or a MacBook Pro?

A: The sun - but only if the MacBook Pro's been running for less than fifteen minutes.

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