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A Tale of Woe

There's a rumour about - again.

This is a tale of woe. And of panic. And of helpful people flailing about in the darkness with NFC. It's a tale of despair but also a tale of hope.

When historians refer back to this incident they'll likely call it 'The 2 May Incident'. 2 May is when Kyle aka drumnkyle got into trouble with Apple's trash directory. With only one hour thirty nine minutes left to the day disaster struck. And oddly enough it was Adobe products striking.

plinden's got a good idea - sort of.

But of course it doesn't work.

janey, a demi-goddess of a computer science major with 3868 posts since 2002, protests. [She's wrong.]

joshysquashy has a suggestion.

Which janeylicious immediately puts down.

joshysquashy isn't giving up - and just in case he's got a few more tricks up his sleeve.

janey waxes humorous.

But none of this - naturally - will help Kyle.

telecomm takes time from a round of golf to deliver a beaut.

joshysquashy is panicking - and admits he has NFC what's going on.

PkennethV has another (worthless) suggestion.

Lucky 13: finally maxp1 offers (knock on wood) some sound advice.

The General wants to call in the artillery.

Kyle aka drumnkyle is feeling very frustrated!

It had to come by now. Where's it been all along? Finally The General falls into the 'repair permissions' trap.

bmb012 has an interesting question.

theBB offers a classic - and then a light goes on.

Kyle still hasn't given up. He still hasn't got rid of his Adobe files either.

theBB thinks something sounds familiar. How that helps is another matter.

harinezumi has a piece of third party software to recommend.

'Safe Mode!' says nifmedia. When is 'wipe and reinstall' going to turn up?

SC68Cal gets that piece of software and takes a look. And guess what?

You want to read the exciting conclusion of this epic drama, don't you? Of course you do. So click here.

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