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The French châteaux in the Loire valley are world famous but perhaps none of these is more famous than Château de Chenonceau.

Chenonceau has often been the effective seat of government in France. Both Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Médicis lived here - and effectively ruled the country from this location.

The Château de Chenonceau website is an incredible bag of sweet things. The French have always understood the superiority of Apple technology and so it's hardly surprising the site's ripe with over a dozen and a half QuickTime tours and 3D animations. [Their terrestrial tours offer iPods to visitors. It's called 'savoir faire'. Ed.]

And because it's Apple technology it just works. It's an incredibly well run and well managed site. [As compared for example to the Versailles site which really needs emergency support. Ed.]

Chenonceau is incredibly beautiful. It's total pleasure from beginning to end. The pictures on this page should be all the proof you need.

Clippy's Chenonceau

The special summer edition of Clipothèque makes it really easy to travel to Château de Chenonceau and enjoy being there - and without ever leaving your computer.

  1. Click this link to get the special summertime edition of Clipothèque.
  2. Click this link to get the special Clipothèque tour of Château de Chenonceau.

Clipothèque runs on both 10.4 and 10.5. Other than that there are no special system requirements.

Bon voyage.

What's Clipothèque?

Should the links at the bottom of this page not be enough: Clipothèque's a media aggregator. As such it's rather unique at this point in time. It surplants your current method of keeping track of 'favourites' by logging into one site at a time and searching for what you want (and maybe discovering it's at another site). It works with almost all known media providers, a few of which are depicted below.

Clipothèque's extraordinarily easy to use, working hand in hand with the providers. Where the site says 'embed' you simply take the code and drag it to your Clipothèque window. Where it says 'link' you simply drag again. Clipothèque even helps you remember where you're supposed to drag things.

You 'bring it all back home': NBC aren't going to let you store CBS links; RedLasso aren't going to let you store Brightcove or YouTube links; and so forth.

And with Clipothèque nothing's stored on your computer: you don't download the media files themselves - you simply store the links to them. And you view them locally in Clipothèque's own preview window. And that preview window can resize to any size you want - you're not stuck at 425x344 or whatever the case may be.

Summer with Clipothèque

A special fully functional version of Clipothèque is available over the summer months. [The above link is to this version.] Starting in July there'll be a special offer for you Clipothèque fanatics - put off purchasing until then and just enjoy the app until then.

Starting in the autumn the price will go up - so it's best to get your copy before September.

A Clipothèque licence also includes one year free updates and support.

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