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Windows Se7en: No News Here, Move On

So be it. Don't encourage the whimper of a stir this non-event will cause.

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In an article with the blasphemous title 'The Next Step' Ars writer Peter Bright (who hereby proves he's anything but) goes through a nauseating succession of so called improvements to so called features of that so called operating system some remember as Windows and completely misses the point.

Windows - whether it be Se7en or 8te or any other version - is still so inherently and permanently and irretrievably insecure as to make it totally unfit for Internet use and all but people living in caves (and of course pin stripe suits in corporations everywhere) know that. And nothing will ever change that. Windows is dead. Windows is history. Windows is an embarrassment best forgot - and the sooner the better for all. Microsoft have long ago demonstrated they do not give a damn about your security and would rather keep shoveling the same ugly crap at you than do the right thing - and thereby possibly jeopardise their total market hegemony. They'd rather you lost your identity, spent countless hundreds on extra super-stupid anti-this and anti-that tools than provide you the secure OS you have a right to have.

So no news here, people - move on.

Hey - and even when it comes to the features - which is about all the likes of Peter Bright can write about - they're still pathetic. They copy everything without understanding what's so good about what they're stealing. It's anything but elegant - anything but tasteful and discreet. It's got graphics and design guaranteed to give you an Internet headache in short order.

It's like Linus Torvalds said: the OS itself is something people aren't supposed to notice. No they're not. Not unless the OS is the infamous Windows and any news the Redmond company are going to be law-abiding would be good news. But don't count on them ever doing that and don't count on the likes of Peter Bright ever forwarding that to you.

If all you can see are a bunch of hopelessly designed doodads, if you've never worked on a platform with good design - then you get what you deserve. But that demographic is increasingly difficult to find. People do learn - it might take them time but they learn. And IT criminals like the Microsofties might not go to prison but at least they get dumped by the wayside.

So be it. Don't encourage the minimal stir this non-event will cause. Just tell your friends: 'no news here, move on'.

 - 'Mac Skywatcher'

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