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~A Gullible's Travels~

Part Zero in which Micro Luser Gullible loses his active footing.

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?: The Dissolution

'Windows is an utter kludge.'
 - Ancient computer science saying

Micro Luser Gullible is his real name and he's been a Windows luser all his life. After a successful career as a frontman for Tastee Freez he took a number of courses and got his first MCP certificate and thereafter began a long and illustrious career as web designer and network administrator for a number of Microsoft-centric companies running IIS/ASP ('Project Cool').

The shift away from Microsoft - partly due to the emergence of Google and partly (overwhelmingly) because Microsoft products were getting clobbered like shit - got Micro Luser Gullible to think again about his future.

Today Micro Luser Gullible is a free agent again and vows to be a 'Gullible' no more: he's not going to believe Bill Gates is going to ever make his products secure - or that he even can.

Micro Luser Gullible is ready - at long last - for his first look at Unix.

Read on.

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