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Ode To S3

How to keep the spam crawlers away.

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'Want to see real world results of S3 from Rixstep Software?' asks Sean Collins.

'Two logs: one that uses S3 to list email addresses on websites and one that does not.'

'By not using S3 to obfuscate your email address on your website you get nearly 7000% more spam that you have to spend network and CPU resources blocking.'

No Magic Bullet

S3 is no magic bullet. The code is actually very simple. The important thing is you obfuscate. Once an address is 'out there' it's gone forever - it will almost never leave the spammer lists circulating everywhere.

There are other ways to obfuscate addresses. JavaScript is one deliberately not used by S3. Another is to make small graphics of your address and put them up instead. But if spam machines can read captchas...

At the end of the day it's not so much about what addresses can be culled as how many Windows computers can use them. And once Windows use gets down to a pleasant single digit demographic everyone will be able to relax again.

Until then: use obfuscation.

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