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There is a life without Windows. It's a life of freedom. Of freedom from malware attacks and false promises. A life of security. Of enjoying the Internet rather than being afraid of it. And it's ultimately kinder on your pocketbook as well.

There are so many alternatives to Windows today. So many it's not funny. You're bound to find something that exactly suits your tastes.

Whether it be Red Hat's Fedora, FreeBSD, any one of thousands of Linux releases, Apple's Mac OS X, the super-secure OpenBSD, Sun Microsystem's Solaris, or the increasingly popular Ubuntu, you're bound to find something perfect for you.

If you're already enjoying your Life Without Windows™ then consider putting this banner up on your website or blog. And link through to your favourite OS.

A small badge for Mac OS X is shown below. The banner and the individual badges for the seven platforms shown above are available at the link below.

Download the images here.

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