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Life Without Windows™: The Bogus Backstory

And every word is true.

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Things started slowly at Crisps Port-Bogus. As so many startups they were strapped for cash. For this reason management decided to go with Windows PCs for their staff. Naturally this wasn't very popular.

A consultant was called in. A consultant who got paid way too much to do precious little. The consultant organised a 'laptop hunter' project which ironically came in rather handy later in the history of the agency. The consultant recommended CP-B purchase HP laptops as the quality was generally acceptable.

But it was still Windows and none of staff had ever used Windows before. Staff at ad agencies never use Windows and everybody knows that.

Things went slowly and painfully for a while. CP-B picked up the occasional contract and somehow paid for the heating and plumbing in their cramped 'sweat shop' offices. Then one day Alex Bogus changed all that. He snuck an Apple MacBook Pro into his office. In odd moments when things were quiet (which happened quite often) he'd close his office door and open the attaché sitting in the corner and pull out his MacBook Pro. Woo-hoo.

Then one day Bogus made a really dumb mistake. He composed an internal memo on his MacBook Pro and sent it out to all staff - on the MacBook Pro. And one curious soul took a look at the message headers and found the dark dirty secret.

Mime-Version: 1.0 (Apple Message framework v930.3)
X-Mailer: Apple Mail (2.930.3)

<a href=http://fedoraproject.org/ title='Life Without Windows™: Fedora'><img border=0 height=90 src='lww-fedora.png' width=184></a>

<a href=http://freebsd.org/ title='Life Without Windows™: FreeBSD'><img border=0 height=90 src='lww-freebsd.png' width=184></a>

<a href=http://www.apple.com/ title='Life Without Windows™: Mac OS X'><img border=0 height=90 src='lww-macosx.png' width=184></a>

<a href=http://openbsd.org/ title='Life Without Windows™: OpenBSD'><img border=0 height=90 src='lww-openbsd.png' width=184></a>

<a href=http://opensolaris.org/ title='Life Without Windows™: OpenSolaris'><img border=0 height=90 src='lww-solaris.png' width=184></a>

<a href=http://www.ubuntu.com/ title='Life Without Windows™: Ubuntu'><img border=0 height=90 src='lww-ubuntu.png' width=184></a>

The secret was out. Staff discussed the matter and came up with a plan. They waited until Bogus walked around with that silly look. They waited for him to go back to his office. He'd be pulling out his MBP again.

They stormed the door. There was Bogus with his pants down, playing with the MBP.

CP-B were forced to sell their HPs running Windows and take out an extremely high-interest loan for Mac OS X on Apple laptops.

They saved a bit by declaring a strategic decision to not let anyone but management have top of the line Apple laptops. Only Crisps Port-Bogus got to use MPBs. Bogus already had his anyway. But staff were satisfied: after all, the white Apple MacBook is still superior to an HP of any colour.

Celebrate with CP-B

Help Crisps Port-Bogus celebrate their new Life Without Windows™. Put one of the badges on your website or blog and link through to your favourite non-Windows OS. Download the badges here. Do it today.

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