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On ACP Web Services (1)

They're brilliant - as long as you understand them.

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Setting It Up

Get the download. It's about 250 KB. Unzip it. You'll find four directories in there: Browser, Catalogues, Manager, Service. Concentrate on Service - forget the others for now. Look inside Service. You'll see a bundle called AWS.service.

Here's the most difficult part: move that bundle to ~/Library/Services. That's it. Next time you log in you'll see some new stuff on your Services menu.

Where Is It?

All these services are on the Services menu. The Services menu's a submenu of your 'application menu'. Your application menu is the menu with the name of your application on the menu bar. The menu on the right is what you'll see after you click 'Safari' on the menu bar.

The system automatically finds this 'Services' menu item and populates it for the applications you run. All your applications get the same Services menu.

Now that you've logged back in you'll see the ACP Web Services there. Just pick something to search for, double-click it anywhere on your desktop, and select a service. That's it.

ACP Web Services will open your web browser at the search results page.


There were other tools in that zip archive. Look at the directory Manager next. Inside you'll find a bundle called AWSManager.app. Launch it.

Provided you've moved AWS.service into its expected location you should now see a list of your ACP Web Services.

If you haven't moved AWS.service into its expected location you should see this instead.

Otherwise you'll get a proper listing.

These are all the items put on your Services menu by the ACP Web Services. You can edit them any way you want - you can change the text of the menu items themselves, change their so called query strings, remove them altogether, or add new ones of your own.

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