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Dear ACP

That good old 'ευρεκα' feeling in the summer sunshine is hard to beat.

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Dear ACP,

We hope this message finds you well and prospering. We're just finishing our 'hide from the world holiday'. It's been great not having to deal with anyone outside of each other (pretty much, although we had to go to the shops to get food etc).

Anyway, the main point of this email was to once again thank you for such an excellent product in the ACP. After an overnight download of some important files we got up to find the (destination) drive was 'asleep' and when awoken the files were nowhere to be found although the logs showed over 2.5 GB of data had come down the pipe.

Neither Finder, Terminal, Path Finder, or ForkLift showed anything in the destination directory.

Xfile to the rescue: without any hesitation or fuss Xfile just showed the three subdirectories and the files that had been downloaded where they were supposed to be. Xfile just works - where others don't.

Thank you again for producing easily the 'best of breed' in file management software.

Have a great weekend!

Finder: Can't find a thing.
Path Finder: Fares no better. ForkLift and Terminal.app also fail.
Ευρεκα! (Eureka!) Xfile finds it all. It always does. Step up today.

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