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Getting at ten hidden settings in Apple's latest QuickTime Player.

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Apple's new QuickTime Player X has a lot of hidden settings. Here's one way you can get at them.


There's a DMG to download there - 4.26 MB (4,466,279 bytes). Ten AppleScript modules and the possibility to add them to your QuickTime Player menu. The scripts do things like this.

The scripts control the controller and titlebar, autoplay, closed captioning and subtitles, full screen exit on app switching, the recent document limit, rounded corners, simultaneous recordings, and the UI visibility timeout.

4,466,279 bytes. Or you could just download this.

It's 1,046 bytes.

1. Click here to get the 30 commands of QuickTimeX.clix. 2. Click here to get the latest release of the free CLIX.

'I am very new to MacOSX but I was wondering if there was a way to make applications that run from the terminal work as double-clickable applications? Is there an OSX version of a Windows batch file, ie something that can be double clicked and will execute terminal commands?'

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