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Six Feminist Myths

By Pär Ström.

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You've seen it in countless cowboy movies. There's a stagecoach making its way through the Wild West. The hero - as the scene will gradually reveal - is seated inside the stagecoach, chatting politely with an assortment of colourful figures, one of which is a very attractive woman.

Suddenly the bad guys attack. These bad guys can be Indians or bandits - it doesn't matter. They come galloping down the hillside, shooting wildly. They incapacitate the driver and his 'shotgun' assistant atop the coach. The horses panic.

Our hero must now correctly assess the situation and make it atop the coach and rein the horses in.

That's what Pär Ström does in this book. Sweden of today - in contrast to the Sweden of old - is a country out of control. Strong forces have permeated all aspects of society, and they're in on the game for personal profit. The Sweden of old is no more, the Sweden of today more and more resembling a classic textbook fascist state where people are being inundated with propaganda and being persecuted for expressing contrary views. 'Politically correct' is never a good idea, but the 'bad guys' in Sweden have taken the concept to a new extreme.

There's a tangible and even obvious reason this excellent book was translated from the Swedish: the situation of Julian Assange. But the importance of Pär's book reaches beyond the corruption of that tiny Scandinavian country. The book has crucial lessons for us all.

Table of Contents

Translators' Note
Foreword by Pär Ström

Myth #1: 'Gender's a social construction'
Myth #2: 'Women get paid less for the same work'
Myth #3: 'It's harder for women to have a career'
Myth #4: 'Men abuse women'
Myth #5: 'Women have two jobs'
Myth #6: 'Women get poorer health care'

Reflections by Pär Ström
Further Reading

Copyright © Pär Ström/Stiftelsen Den Nya Välfärden. Translation copyright © Rixstep. All rights reserved.

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