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Six Feminist Myths: Translators' Note

The message applies everywhere.

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The extreme feminism in Sweden today swells beyond the small Scandinavian country's borders. And the message being sent out applies everywhere. As does its scientific refutation. Pär Ström has provided just such a scientific refutation.

Initial reactions to Pär's book were positive. A few diehard feminists tried to debate Pär, but none of them were prepared to discuss his scientific findings. The entirety of extreme feminism in Sweden is based exclusively on perpetrating myths and on perpetuating gender hatred. There's certainly a lot to win for those who first get to the trough.

Table of Contents

Translators' Note
Foreword by Pär Ström

Myth #1: 'Gender is a social construction'
Myth #2: 'Women get paid less for the same work'
Myth #3: 'It's harder for women to have a career'
Myth #4: 'Men abuse women'
Myth #5: 'Women have two jobs'
Myth #6: 'Women get poorer health care'

Reflections by Pär Ström
Further Reading

Copyright © Pär Ström/Stiftelsen Den Nya Välfärden. Translation copyright © Rixstep. All rights reserved.

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