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Six Feminist Myths: Foreword by Pär Ström

'True equality can only be based on truth.'

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I'm fervent about equality. That's why I wrote this book.

Unfortunately the concept of equality has been hijacked by groups with their own agenda. Equality is actually the same thing as equal rights and responsibilities for the two genders - nothing more and nothing less. Play by the same rules in other words. But the concept has been successively laden with a new meaning, and now many people think that equality means that the quotas for the genders have to be 50/50 in all possible situations.

This is of course impossible to achieve because the genders are different and on an average make different choices and have different priorities. This leads almost inevitably to 'affirmative action' and gender quotas, either expressly or more often unspoken and informal - and affirmative action for one group is the same thing as discrimination against another group. Which is why discrimination against men and boys has become common in Sweden today.

True equality can only be based on truth. Myths can only build a house of cards. And until those houses fall, they're characterised by injustice. It's therefore important to expose the many myths spread by the feminist movement. I'm starting in this book with six of the most important and widespread myths.

My ideological basis in the gender issue is equality. I am not a feminist who only fights for women's rights and I'm not the opposite either, fighting only for men's rights. I'm an 'equalist'. We're all human beings and we should all have the same rights and responsibilities.

I welcome your comments at par.strom@dnv.se.

Stockholm April 2011

Copyright © Pär Ström/Stiftelsen Den Nya Välfärden. Translation copyright © Rixstep. All rights reserved.

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