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Part one of the Norwegian series 'Brainwash': The Equality Paradox.

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'Hjernevask' - that's Norwegian for 'brainwash'. In a move remiscent of Evin Rubin's 'Sex War' (but with gobs more humour) Harald Eia talks to 'gender experts' and interviews people all around the world. The series is in Norwegian (when it's in Norway) but it has excellent subtitles. And it's really fun to watch.

What's even more fun is to realise this charming series (almost five hours long - come back often) has probably contributed to the dismantling of the 'Gender Industrial Complex' in Norway. Last they allocated taxpayer money to the colossus was 2008, when the GIC gobbled up NOK 56,000,000. That was supposed to last four years. But nobody cares anymore if it lasts or not - the Norwegians have had it. The Norwegian Research Council (Norges Forskningsråd) decided 'enough is enough'. So no more expeditions to locate the fabled sexual power structure.

There are seven parts to this series. Make a week of it. For each episode you must type in a password. The password's the title of this article in lower case - 'hjernevask' - for all seven episodes. Enjoy.

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