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Assange Case: Many Questions, Few Answers

50 good ones for starters.

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  1. How did Sofia Wilén get a seat at the 14 August gig when the event was sold out before she applied?
  2. Why was Sofia Wilén so snippy in her testimony about a man she claimed she idolised?
  3. Why did Anna Ardin return home a day early to a flat left to Julian Assange's sole disposal as per the terms of their contract?
  4. Why did Anna Ardin organise a party for a man she would later claim had molested her the night before?
  5. Why did Anna Ardin interfere when both Johannes Wahlström and the Pirate Party asked Julian Assange to stay with them at this party?
  6. Why did Anna Ardin volunteer to be Julian Assange's press secretary for the event on Sunday 15 August if she'd been molested by him?
  7. Why was Anna Ardin so indifferent and even condescending towards Sofia Wilén whom she described as the 'random girl', the 'cashmere girl', someone too 'slow' for Julian Assange, and about whom she commented 'boobs make up for brains'?
  8. Why did Peter Weiderud let Sofia Wilén attend the luncheon 14 August when so many people voiced their objections?
  9. How did Peter Weiderud become acquainted with Sofia Wilén so quickly? Where is Peter Weiderud today?
  10. What did Sofia Wilén say to Anna Ardin in their phone conversation the following week?
  11. Why did Sofia Wilén insist on using condoms with the boyfriend she'd been living with for a year?
  12. Who is Sofia Wilén's boyfriend Seth Benson? How did he and Sofia Wilén meet? How did he gain a residence permit in Sweden?
  13. How was Sofia Wilén able to switch flats so quickly after the incident despite the acute housing shortage in Sweden?
  14. Where has Sofia Wilén gone off to now?
  15. How was Sofia Wilén able to hide her public records? Who intervened to make this possible?
  16. How was Sofia Wilén able to so professionally wipe all her tracks online, to the extent even Google caches couldn't keep up?
  17. Why did Sofia Wilén beg Julian Assange to ring her again after an incident she would later report to the police?
  18. Why was Irmeli Krans allowed to interrogate Sofia Wilén when her good friend Anna Ardin was present?
  19. At what point did Claes Borgström become involved?
  20. If Anna Ardin didn't know it was possible to reopen a closed police investigation, why did she contact Claes Borgström?
  21. Who got Marianne Ny involved in reopening the police investigation? Who gave the order?
  22. Why did Maria Häljebo Kjellstrand issue a warrant in absentia before she'd even seen the documentation in the case?
  23. Was Maria Häljebo Kjellstrand's husband at the office of minister for justice Beatrice Ask involved?
  24. Who gave the tip to Expressen about the arrest and APB for Julian Assange?
  25. Why did Maria Häljebo Kjellstrand break her own oath of office and gratuitously offer confidential information to Expressen? Why was she not reprimanded?
  26. Why did the prosecution authority tell Al Jazeera that Eva Finné had seen 'other' evidence and completely hide the fact Maria Häljebo Kjellstrand had seen no evidence at all?
  27. How can Eva Finné and Marianne Ny disagree so completely as to there being no crime committed at all?
  28. Was it really true as Irmeli Krans claimed that the police station had no equipment to record the testimony of Sofia Wilén 20 August?
  29. Under what circumstances did Sara Wennerblom visit Anna Ardin in her flat to get the unused but damaged condom?
  30. Was it Claes Borgström who doctored Sofia Wilén's uncorroborated testimony with Mats Gehlin?
  31. What had Mats Gehlin and Sara Wennerblom told Maria Häljebo Kjellstrand 20 August to make her issue the warrant?
  32. Why didn't Irmeli Krans redact Sofia Wilén's testimony already 23 August? Why did she wait until 26 August when Eva Finné was no longer on the case?
  33. Why did Mats Gehlin send two condoms to the criminal lab when the one was part of a case that was already closed?
  34. Why didn't Marianne Ny ever issue a formal summons to have Julian Assange appear for interrogation?
  35. Why did Marianne Ny issue a new arrest warrant in secret hours before Julian Assange's departure for Berlin 27 September?
  36. How was this warrant hidden from the authorities and the border police at the airport? Why was it hidden?
  37. Why has the website of the prosecution authority refused to release the details of this secret warrant?
  38. Why has the website of the prosecution authority now scrubbed all information prior to November 2010?
  39. Why did it take Marianne Ny four attempts to correctly apply for a European Arrest Warrant? Why did she call in outside help to finally get it right? Why was the warrant given the highest 'Red Notice' priority, higher even than that for Muammar Gaddafi?
  40. Why did Marianne Ny insist Julian Assange spend the holidays in Wandsworth?
  41. Why has Marianne Ny vacillated between her two bespoke definitions of 'due process' for the British courts?
  42. To what extent are Fredrik Reinfeldt, Beatrice Ask, and Carl Bildt now involved in the Julian Assange affair?
  43. To what extent have Fredrik Reinfeldt, Beatrice Ask, Carl Bildt, or others been in contact with the US embassy in Stockholm in this regard?
  44. Why did Marianne Ny always have a new press release saying 'no new information available' as soon as WikiLeaks were ready with a press release of their own?
  45. Why did Anna Ardin attempt to wipe her tracks online as Sofia Wilén had done? Who advised her in this matter?
  46. Why did Anna Ardin apologise on Twitter saying 'the other girl is as much to blame'?
  47. Have Sofia Wilén and Anna Ardin given further testimony to the police? Where is this testimony?
  48. Why was Björn Hurtig not allowed to take notes of the SMS traffic by the two girls?
  49. Why did Marianne Ny attempt to prevent Björn Hurtig from testifying in London on Julian Assange's behalf?
  50. Why did Marianne Ny lie to the media about her ability to question Julian Assange in London or by link with Mutual Legal Assistance?

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