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Swedish Sex: The Tragic Case of Billy Butt

Further background on what Julian Assange stepped into.

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William Michael 'Billy' Butt was born in Kenya of Indian parents who later moved the family to Ireland. Billy's also lived in London and New York. He immigrated to Sweden in the 1980s and quickly became a name in the entertainment industry with his music label 'Little Big Apple Records'. Billy produced hits for major artists such as Lisa Nilsson and Tommy Körberg (of Chess fame) and penned a number of holiday favourites such as 'Christmas in New York'.

Billy quickly became a celebrity in Sweden. He had his own television show and became a celebrity chef touring the countryside.

Then suddenly he was summoned to the police for interrogation - just like Julian Assange 18 years later.

Just like Julian Assange 18 year later, Billy Butt was suddenly accused of rape.

Billy the Serial Rapist

Billy recounts for the police how he's had sex with a lot of girls but absolutely not raped anyone. The police are ready to close the case when the feminist prosecutor on duty steps in and orders Billy held in detention at 23:45 on a Sunday evening.

Billy's world starts falling apart.

Expressen at Your Service

The notorious Swedish tabloid Expressen which harassed Julian Assange 18 years later now pursues a merciless smear campaign against Billy, not yet revealing his name but referring to him as an 'entertainment profile'. For six months they publish stories about girls who thought they had a shot at the big time if they seduced Billy but ended up without a contract. Several of these girls were to later admit the rag today run by Thomas Mattsson and culture editor Karin Olsson had pressured them to file police complaints even though they insisted the sex had been consensual. These stories continued to be published by Expressen for a full five years.

Billy in District Court

Billy Butt was brought before the Stockholm district court on Monday 8 March 1993. One 'real' judge and three politically appointed lay judges presided. Sweden's lay judges were later found to answer incorrectly on 63% of their test questions about basic jurisprudence and rule of law.

Billy tells the court that of course he has slept with a lot of women interested in careers in the entertainment industry. But he firmly denies coercion was ever part of it.

Some of the stories the court got to hear beggar belief.

  • One girl testifies under oath that she interrupted her 'rape' to run to the toilet to remove her tampon, after which she returned to the bed so the rape could continue.
  • Another girl testified she decided against protesting as she might have wakened the neighbours.
  • Several other women admit they recommended Billy as a sex partner to their friends - precisely as Anna Ardin did with Kajsa Borgnäs 18 years later - after the encounters they would later call 'rape'.
  • Another girl tells the court how in the morning after the 'rape' she asks Billy when they're going to have her photo shoot. She gives him her phone number in Brighton England. When next in England, Billy rings her and takes her out to dinner at his London hotel, after which - the girl claims - she was raped again. But she spends the night with her rapist, eats breakfast with him in the hotel in the morning, and then drives with him from London back to Brighton where he is introduced to a friend of hers. The friend later tells the girl she fancies Billy; the girl tells her friend that Billy is great in the sack.

Billy in Prison

Billy is sentenced on Thursday 15 April 1993 to four years prison on nine counts of rape and one count of attempted rape. Two of those nine counts are for the encounters with the Brighton girl.

Billy the Nigger in Appeals Court

Billy appealed the district court verdict to the Svea court of appeal which handed down the new ruling on Wednesday 17 November 1993. They increased Billy's sentence to five years prison. The court - two 'real' judges and another two lay judges - simply cannot believe any of those girls would willingly sleep with someone with such a 'distinctive appearance' - someone classified in common Swedish vernacular as a 'nigger' - and go on to state:

Even if the girls' contacts with him have been occasioned by his professional doings and by their expectations to get jobs through him in music and advertising, it seems that the idea that a young girl would voluntarily want to be in a casual relationship with an older unknown man is far-fetched.

Travesty of Justice

Sweden's media elite caused an uproar. Even radical feminists protested, especially after erstwhile punk writer Jan Guillou pointed out the real reason the appeals court didn't like Billy: his Indian appearance.

Billy later came out with his autobiography appropriately titled 'A Distinctive Appearance' and went on to cofound the Swedish counterpart to the ACLU.

He is currently in his eleventh attempt to get his case reopened. The Swedish courts admit his case is a travesty of justice but seemed determined to toss out his requests on whatever technicalities they can find.

One simply can't call Swedes racists and sexists and be allowed to get away with it.

Swedish Sex?

For further details on the tragic cases of Billy Butt and other victims of 'Swedish sex'; for the most comprehensive overview of Swedish sex ever published; for an insight into exactly what Julian Assange stepped into on 11 August 2010: get Oscar Swartz' Kindle book 'Swedish Sex' (£5) at Amazon.

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