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Assange Case: Björn's Letter to Jennifer

Paints a very clear picture.

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STOCKHOLM/LONDON (Rixstep) — On Sunday 14 November 2010 Julian Assange's legal counsel Björn Hurtig sent an impassioned letter to Jennifer Robinson. Hurtig outlined the difficulties he'd had and the legal transgressions he saw Marianne Ny as having perpetrated.

The full text of his letter is available here.


But it might be good to review what Björn wrote, as the matter is very central to the current situation at the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

Björn Hurtig - one of Sweden's most respected legal advisers - notes the following.

  1. Björn Hurtig petitioned Marianne Ny repeatedly for an interrogation, not just so Julian Assange could tell his side of the story but more importantly so Julian Assange could learn of the allegations against him. Marianne Ny refused.
  2. Björn Hurtig petitioned Marianne Ny repeatedly for evidence in the case. Marianne Ny refused.
  3. Björn Hurtig made a formal request of Marianne Ny on 14 September 2010. Two months later, at time of his writing to Jennifer Robinson 14 November 2010, that formal request was still being ignored - this in breach of section 23:18 of the Swedish criminal code.
  4. Björn Hurtig also reminded Marianne Ny she was in breach of article 6:3 of the European Convention from 4 November 1950 which stipulates that people accused of crimes be informed of the accusations in a language they understand. This never happened in Julian Assange's case. The first time he learned anything about it was when the allegations were read out in a British court.
  5. Björn Hurtig reminded Marianne Ny that Julian very much wanted to have an interrogation, but that he was advised in response to Hurtig's letter of 14 September 2010 with a telephone call from Marianne Ny herself stating that Julian was 'free to leave'.
  6. Björn Hurtig points out to Jennifer that this proves that Julian was not attempting to 'escape justice', a claim made over and over again in the antagonistic Swedish media.
  7. Björn Hurtig reminded Marianne Ny that he and Julian Assange had repeatedly attempted to arrange for hearing Julian Assange back in Sweden but that Marianne Ny refused all such suggestions, using excuses such as her favourite police officer was sick or the suggested dates were not 'acceptable'.
  8. Björn Hurtig points out to Jennifer that the above demonstrates that Julian Assange has made sincere attempts to get the matter dealt with but Marianne Ny has systematically undermined all such efforts.
  9. Björn Hurtig reminded Marianne Ny that Julian Assange had suggested he could participate from an embassy or by telephone conversation or via video link (in accordance with the treaty on Mutual Legal Assistance). Marianne Ny refused.
  10. Björn Hurtig reminded Marianne Ny of a ruling from the Swedish Supreme Court (NJA 2007 s 337) where a suspect was not put in custody, although he was abroad and didn't come to Sweden to participate in an interrogation, on the grounds that it was not proportional, since he'd left the country 'rightfully' as had Julian and thus had not been attempting to evade Swedish justice, but had also suggested participation in an alternate form as had Julian Assange.

Björn Hurtig then went on to remind Marianne Ny of the tremendous damage Sweden had already done to Julian Assange by publishing his name, that there were ongoing investigations because of this, and that naturally this was a very serious matter. Björn Hurtig then went on to suggest to Marianne Ny that her continued 'behaviour' could further damage an individual who by rule of law must be presumed innocent.

Björn Hurtig then went on to tell Marianne Ny that if she proceeded with a court petition for detention, that he wanted all documents in the case. Björn explained to Jennifer that it was incumbent on him to state this explicitly for Marianne Ny as he didn't trust her to give him anything.

Four Days Later

Four days later - 18 November 2010 - Marianne Ny's assistant Erika Lejnefors walked into the Stockholm lower court with a petition for the detention of Julian Assange. Björn Hurtig was present at this hearing. Marianne Ny made 'some' of the case documents available to Björn Hurtig, but he was enjoined from taking any notes of what he witnessed in those documents, he was enjoined from making copies of the documents, he was most significantly not given access to the all-important SMS traffic which several involved parties have claimed make the entire case a joke, and he was specifically threatened with disbarment if he witnessed on behalf of Julian Assange at the Belmarsh hearings in the UK.

Marianne Ny's intention to proceed in this manner - with a 'suspect' who had done everything possible to cooperate and accommodate - had been the 'talk of the town' for weeks. Almost all journalists knew of it but only one even hinted at it.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will be summoned to Stockholm for further interrogations in the next few days. If he doesn't turn up, he'll be sought internationally, according to informed sources. Not because he is guilty of rape - if he was, then half of Sweden's male population would be behind bars - but because he's to be destroyed.

Olle Andersson's article of 8 November bears re-reading. It's spooky how Olle touches on the truth we all know today, back two years ago when the events still had people confused and bewildered.

Assange is high on the hate list of the US: anyone with a hand in the Afghanistan/Iraq cookie jar wants him silenced for good.

And it would seem that lilliputian Sweden, once a revered neutral country not involved in warfare of any kind for two hundred years until Carl Bildt entered the picture, once again jumps into the lap of the US to make it very clear how much Swedes aim to please their masters.

Not only has Marianne Ny repeatedly lied to the media for the past two years about the case of Julian Assange, both at home and internationally, but she's also been found by Björn Hurtig to have violated European law and the ethical guidelines of her office. It's no wonder formal charges have now been brought against her.

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