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Five Years Going on Six: Marianne Ny's Spite

Damn the torpedoes, damn international law, damn any and all agreements. Marianne Ny's five years of spite.

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ISENGARD (Rixstep) — Damn the torpedoes, damn international law, damn any and all agreements. Based on a Flashback post by 'outoftheblue', following is a list of some of the examples of Marianne Ny's five years of spite. Feel the outrage.

  1. 'Witnesses' and others who have nothing to do with the case, and above all the journalists Donald Boström and Johannes Wahlström, must be questioned first. And because Johannes Wahlström is out of the country, everything has to wait for him.
  2. Mats Gehlin's the only police investigator in the country who can handle the case. The only one. (He's since gone. Heaven knows how things can proceed now.) And when Gehlin is sick, everything - including the interview with Assange - stops and waits for him to get well again.
  3. Customary telephone interviews are out of the question. When she's told this is her only alternative, she starts threatening with arrest instead.
  4. She refuses to accept a written affidavit from Assange. (She still hasn't after all these years.)
  5. The EAW isn't meant to be used as she uses it, but she uses it anyway. Damn the torpedoes, damn international law and agreements.
  6. She opposes bail for Assange out of isolation in Wandsworth, necessitating another day in court and ten days in prison. (She loses.)
  7. She hits Assange with crippling restrictions. The court reduces these as they're so harsh.
  8. She refuses to interview Assange in England for a total of 560 days, and thus lets the entire case go nowhere at all.
  9. She claims there's no opportunity to interview Assange as an EAW had been issued. This is another falsehood, as specious as her earlier claim that Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA) is against both British and Swedish law. Also, see her correspondence with Paul Close of the Crown Prosecution Service in the matter.
  10. She's startled to hear Assange is granted asylum, and categorically refuses to recognise this asylum. This stubbornness continues until first a Swedish appeals court and then the country's supreme court start poking around.
  11. Despite being scolded and admonished to get over to London, she stalls and thwarts the process by, amongst other things, demanding Ecuador not be allowed a legal representative of their own, presiding in a supervisory capacity only, in their own embassy; and, through skillful mismanagement, by letting a five-year statute of limitations expire rather than allow the accused the right to a defence.
  12. She neglects to prosecute in a case she promised the UK courts she'd pursue, a case that could have gone forward, had she but accepted the affidavit from Assange.
  13. She claims she can't proceed with this case because she hasn't yet received a statement from the accused, but she hasn't received the statement because she keeps refusing to accept it. (And she still refuses to accept it.)
  14. She's been asked over 30 (thirty) times to interview Assange in London, but she simply ignores the requests.
  15. Both her MLA applications are grossly deficient, the one being tantamount to an outright insult to a foreign state.
  16. She's actually responsible for the embassy stalemate, as she opposed the customary fortnight before extradition, which finally made Assange understand that her case is about something else entirely, which forced him to seek asylum (and safety) at the embassy of Ecuador.
  17. She again promises to reconsider, this after refusing to do anything at all for over five, now close to six, years. Yet after hearing of the ruling of the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, she says that nothing has changed.

Is Marianne Ny in the employ of (under the control of) the Swedish (or someone else's, perhaps an alien planet's) secret police? Could there be something - anything - that can explain her extraordinarily bizarre behaviour?

Better for her if this turns out to be true - the only other explanation is that she's seriously and dangerously deranged.

Marianne Ny cannot supply any information regarding the case at the moment.
 - aklagare.se

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