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STOCKHOLM/HARPSUND (Rixstep) — Sweden is currently undergoing a governmental crisis. The country's prime minister is keeping a very low profile, but tonight will host a crayfish party.

The incompetence of current government, under the 'leadership' of Stefan Löfven, the apparatchik who didn't want to run for office, is reaching staggering proportions. They're still funneling massive sums into organisations known to fuel and support terrorism in Europe. They are behind the biggest 'infosec' scandal in the country's history.

Crime is rampant on the streets. Sweden has its own Wikipedia page covering hand grenade attacks.

And so forth. And so on. And so forth. And so on. The citizenry are in an uproar.

And meanwhile, even at this late hour, a 'protest' is taking place in the nation's capital. It's a protest against carrying out deportations of Afghanis found to be lacking in reasons to stay, having been found in up to three judicial instances of not qualifying for residence.

Many of the protesters came to Sweden claiming to be under the age of eighteen. Recent medical tests have shown that 80% of those claiming to be under eighteen are in fact much older.

This is no surprise, certainly not to Katerina Janouch, who told Czech media this past winter that she estimated the figure to be 75%, which prompted Stefan Löfven to publicly condemn her. Swedish media, in typical 'PC' tradition, followed up by condemning Katerina as well.

The situation in Stockholm is both complex and ridiculous. Those participating are people who've been told they can no longer stay in the country. They refuse to leave. The authorities should escort them out of the country, but do nothing.

Just the other day, Stefan Löfven's government chartered a private jet to escort one such person out of the country. The cost was estimated to be $650,000. But when the plane arrived, the individual in question complained that he was not feeling well, and so the aircraft turned around and brought him back to Sweden again.

The protesters in downtown Stockholm have been given permission to remain where they are until 22:00 hours, after which they're expected to disperse. But they don't disperse - they just stay where they are. The police do nothing, complaining that their boss refuses to take action. (The chief of police is suddenly not a policeman at all but a political appointee.)

Politicians from minor parties, some not even in the parliament, turn up at the place of protest for 'photo opportunities', hoping to increase their capital for the coming elections. Some of the protesters are even invited to state television studios despite their not legally being in the country.

And so forth. And so on. And so forth. And so on. The citizenry are in an uproar.

Testing people's age is a new thing in Sweden. It's not even mandatory, even today. Whilst such tests are routine in other countries, the mere suggestion it be done in Sweden met with an uproar from the media. Testing people's age is racist! they claimed. Anyone coming to Sweden knows what the situation's been, knows that being treated as a 'minor' gives one a very fast track to special treatment (and lots of cash). And that naive Sweden wouldn't challenge their age claims.

People have already died as a result of this lunatic policy. One example: Alexandra Mezher, herself an immigrant from Lebanon, was working at a home for 'minors' when a fight broke out. She tried to stop the fight, and was stabbed viciously and repeatedly by one of the 'minors'.

Alexandra died on the spot.

When Alexandra's murderer was arraigned, the Daily Mail published photographs which clearly showed he wasn't a 'minor'. Swedish authorities then obtained an agreement with the Daily Mail so that those photographs would be blocked for Internet addresses in Sweden.

Knowing the truth about Sweden's 'coverup' was not 'PC'.

But it gets even worse. For now, 'school's in again', and teachers and young students are confronted with the problem.

Katerina has the word.

I got a letter from an angry and desperate teacher. I've chosen to publish this because no one will take the blame for what's happened to our educational system. The teacher shall not be named, but she's turned to me and begged me to write about the matter.

'Hi! And thank you for airing this sensitive issue. That you dare do this is the reason I'm writing to you, and anonymously as you notice. Because in my profession, I don't dare say more than that we talk about such things and otherwise have no way to deal with our situation.

'Right now, at the school where I teach, we currently have eight so-called 'children' from Afghanistan. We who work in this school have only to accept the fact that they are here, and try to find classrooms for them that we feel are most in line with their education.

'Many of us have worked for many years with young people and with children, and I know well my own and my colleagues' ability to approximate the ages of our students, the truthfulness of the stories these students tell us.

'Of the eight so-called 'children' from Afghanistan we currently have, two are younger than the rest - they're about 24 years old. The others are in their thirties, some perhaps as old as forty!

'One aspect of this lunatic situation is that we're required to take care of grown men in our classes. But by far the worst is that the young girls - 15 or at most 16 years old - are expected to attend gym class and outdoor activities together with these 'old men'.

'I have a girl in my class. All she does is weep. She's now refusing to come back to school. The 'disgusting' 'men' keep coming after her.

'What's going on? This started a week ago for her. Two of the 'children' in her class are here in Sweden without their women. They come from a culture with a macabre attitude towards women. What they're doing to my student is what they do to their own women back home.

'I myself have visited the Middle East. I know what I'm talking about. The life there is beyond description.

'I've become very afraid of one of the Afghani 'children'. I get the same stares and insults hurled at me.

'Just the other day, one of them cornered me in the lift. He positioned himself behind me. He leaned forward towards my neck and began making sniffing noises. Then he grabbed my buttocks with his hands and whispered in my ear:

    'I can smell your pussy.'

'Why is nothing being done? Why do our politicians accept this? Why do they let our children be harassed in this way?

'Why will no one do anything?

'We've had enough' - that's often heard today. More and more. And we have had enough. So I implore you, Katerina, please bring this matter to the public's attention! Because right now, in downtown Stockholm, there's a huge group of these men sitting in protest because they've been denied residence. They're saying they want 'amnesty'!

'I want amnesty too - amnesty for me and the girls at our school!

'But no, I can't tell you my name. If I did, I'd never be able to work as a teacher in Sweden again.'

Meanwhile, in Harpsund...

Meanwhile, in Harpsund, outside Stockholm, at the official residence of the Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven is tonight hosting the traditional crayfish party.

Seven years and a few days ago, then Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, the person ultimately responsible for Sweden's collapse, conspiring together with finance minister Anders Borg to bring about a collapse of the country's famous welfare system, hosted another crayfish party. It was there and then that an Expressen reporter contacted his freelance photographer about an imminent arrest of one Julian Assange.

The travesty of the Assange scandal ended only a few months ago. The people are still paying a price for incompetent and corrupt leadership.

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