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Ten to One

No coincidences.

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BERLIN (Rixstep) — Axel Springer: the largest publishing house in Europe, with flagship Bild with daily readership in excess of 12 million, they also own most of Henry Blodget's Business Insider.

I. Ten reasons to get a PC rather than a Mac


  1. You can get a Windows PC for much cheaper than a Mac
    True. You can also get a used Ford way cheaper than an Lexus.

  2. There are far more Windows PC options to choose from
    Sure, if you have the time. Or the need.

  3. You can easily switch out parts in PCs to customise them for your needs, or give them extra life
    A variation on the point above. Macs generally last longer and have more resale value.

  4. If you want to play video games, Windows PCs are the best option by far
    Games? Xbox!

  5. Most Windows laptops still come with commonly used ports
    How about floppy drives? But it's true: Jony and Tim have screwed up of late.

  6. Windows PCs are updated with new specs much more frequently
    Yes, Jony and Tim screwed up. But is this about a PC or a 'system' by a corporation in Redmond?

  7. Microsoft Office works better on Windows than it does on Macs
    What about the free versions? And is this about PCs or Windows? PCs can run Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD...

  8. The Windows operating system is more customisable and allows for more extensive fine-tuning than macOS
    Uh... You need to fine-tune what?

  9. While it's easier overall to get a Mac repaired, it can be a lot cheaper to get a Windows PC repaired
    Or just bin it. Couple hundred quid for a new one. Cheap as a Zune.

  10. Windows laptops have more reliable keyboards than Apple's latest MacBook Pros
    Yes, Jony and Tim screwed up. This we know. But PCs don't come from a single supplier, so it's hard to generalise.

Antonio's ten-minute hack, finished before coffee break. Bill smiles.

II. One reason to get a Mac rather than a PC

  1. You don't need AV

That's enough. Anything 'non-Windows' gets you to your life-changing haven of safety.

The issue isn't with Mac anyway, it's with Windows, an inherently and irrevocably insecure system. And this, by definition, will never change. And AV doesn't make you secure on Windows.

Apple's Mac offers the most accessible alternative to Windows.

So it's no surprise that the FBI have sworn by them - 'OOTB security'.

And it's no surprise either that, as an employee of Google, you need a special dispensation to run Windows.

These are not coincidences. For Blodget's rag to publish such cheap tripe - it's typical. Thanks anyway, Antonio.

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