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Crisis of Character

Be careful what you wish for.

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NEW YORK CITY (Rixstep) — John Podesta had to come down and tell the crowd she would not be appearing. She was slated to be - she expected to be - the first female president of the United States.

But a businessman borrowed the other party and won. And then pandemonium struck. Riots, mass demonstrations, and, almost two years later, a palpable inability to let it go. Now every dirty trick in the book is used, not to undermine the election winner, but the office itself.

The country has devolved into snowflake anarchy.

But was the Donald such a bad choice? Better still: would Hillary Rodham Clinton have been a good choice? Former White House staffer Gary Byrne has filed a RICO lawsuit against both Clintons, along with a bevy of infamously shady characters and organisations.


That makes frightening reading.

Two Years Ago

Two years ago Gary Byrne appeared three times on Sean Hannity's show. Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

One may wonder if the chicken came before the egg, as Bill and Hillary were once shacked up in California, and his own account of their first meet strongly implies she'd already had her eyes on him, and immediately took control. And Gary's meticulousness, correcting Hannity all the time, makes it clear that all those stories one heard actually were not just stories.

The book is still available at Amazon. A few copies remain.


Could it be time, at last, for the snowflakes to chill? And for the honest Democrats, perhaps in the spirit of Henry Wallace, to purge their party?

Things seem bad at times, and, indeed, they can be. But the alternative?

Snowflakes be careful what they wish for.

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