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Cookies All Gone?

Or is it 'some cookies hidden'?

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ORANGE WALK TOWN (Rixstep) — It's amazing how some websites seemingly clean up their act in seconds - as soon as you switch machines!

Didn't Handsome Bill advise tech corporations before the New Millennium to stop using cookies? Didn't a few websites demonstrably show that cookies were actually not necessary?

But that was before Google, and without awareness of the dreaded DoubleClick, which Google of course bought. (Of course they did.)

Nostalgia's not what it used to be, that's for sure. Neither is cookie logging.

Safari Screenshots, Different Versions, Same Sites

Here's two screenshots from Safari running on OS X 10.7.

Lots of good stuff! (Ahem.)

Now here's a screenshot of Safari running the latest High Sierra only seconds later, open to the same sites.

What happened to all the cookies?


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