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Cleaning Seahaven Island

Cleaning is easy.

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Cleaning Seahaven Island is easy. All you need is the free tool 'appleclean'.

That's it. It takes perhaps less than a second to download. (It's a mere 4 KB.)

You'll find two files inside: 'appleclean' itself and the file 'appleclean.txt' which explains how you use it.

And it's very simple to use. You simply open a Terminal.app session in the same directory and...


And the process should return almost immediately.

Here's what the download CLIX.zip looks like before it's been cleaned.

Yes, messy! But here's what it looks like after, once appleclean's done its thing.

Yes, much better!

That blue data in the 'size' column in the first screenshot indicates there'd been something funky about the download - namely that Apple grabbed it and slapped on a bunch of stuff (as explained here) so you could be tracked.

That the data is displayed in the default colour in the second screenshot indicates it's been cleaned by appleclean.

Regardless of what you have in mind, appleclean is always the way to go. Those extended attributes never go away otherwise - never - and they can be a real pain.

Read the info at the above link or take the direct download link here. The price is nice!

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