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Zoom Says Apple Sucks

Not exactly a news flash.

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VANUATU (Rixstep) — The COVID pandemic is far from over. But some people are communicating more today. And one of their new favourite ways is with Zoom.

But Zoom's had security issues of late, so Zoomers have rightly been sceptical.

So the other day, when we received a security bulletin from the Zoom people, we decided to look again. And, indeed, things have been updated.

You don't want us to explain all this. You don't want to hear the whole miserable story.

The following screenshot is not from the old Zoom - it's from the new one, copied to the application's old location.

Here's the proof that the versions are identical, provided by Apple's own FileMerge.app. (No, it couldn't make the cut for Dark Mode either - that's another story you don't want to hear.)

Just take our word for it: we've tried every trick in the book save one. We've gutted the Preferences directory. We've looked into Application support. We've removed (or temporarily moved) any files that, in any way, shape, or form, could be connected to Zoom. It made no difference.

We've deleted the destination directory, copied in a new download. We've removed the destination directory and moved in a new download.

We've tried everything - everything save one thing, as stated. And we dread having to go that far. But it looks like we'll have to.

The Apple fanboys will be laughing with glee at this point. Those bastards who are always out to destroy poor poor Apple with their measly trillion-dollar market cap, how mean of them, they deserve it.

But the Apple experience, to anyone with an IQ higher than an Apple fanboy, is total shit. Apple sucks.

Apple's Impossible

We know where the fault lies. We've always known. We've certainly written about it often enough. Perhaps ten times? Twenty? Two hundred? What happened to Apple?

Once upon a time, Apple was a pretty crappy company. Then they almost went tits up. Then Be offered to bail them out. Then NeXT did instead.

For a short, short, very very short time, they were a promising company. But that time didn't last long.

Now they're a crappy company again.

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