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Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow

There's a sensible way and there's the approved way.

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Oh the Silver Sparrow! Oh how dangerous! How do we protect ourselves, Chicken Little?

There are two ways. Let's take them in order of preference.

The Approved Way

Called 'The Fanboy Way' by detractors, this is the approved way, the preferred way. This is the way of Diversity™. This way you're not as likely to be accused of being a racist, or worse: a Trump supporter.

Just follow these instructions closely and carefully. Don't fret: if something goes pear-shaped, you can always buy a new Apple computer.

  • Open "Terminal.app" in "Applications/Utilities".
  • Type the command "rm" followed by a single space (no quotes).
  • Enter the complete "file path + file name", e.g. "/Users/Joe/Library/Caches/evilfile.ext" (no quotes). Here you can save time and copy & paste the file names and paths from Red Canary's blog post, e.g. "~/Library/Launchagents/init_agent.plist". (See below re: tilde character "~")
  • Your command line now looks like this: "rm /Users/Joe/Library/Caches/evilfile.ext".
  • Hit "Return" on your keyboard and the offending file will be deleted. This can not (easily) be undone, double-check your paths and file names before hitting return!

Wow, that's rough. Think if you made a mistake! Don't make a mistake! Wow.

The Sensible Way

This method is offered for educational purposes only and should not be attempted unless you have a degree in Torvalds or at least Sasser.

  1. Download this file. It's only 572 bytes.
  2. Double-click the file found within the download.
  3. Run each of the three commands.

You choose. Are you going to do things the right way or are you going to get radical? Remember that doing things the wrong way might get you shunned by your peers - are you ready for something that dire?

A word on CLIX.

CLIX is without a doubt the best protected application on any Apple platform. If you think you can tinker with it and compromise it, you're free to give it a shot. But you will fail.

Don't go to bed with no price on your head, don't do the crime if you can't do the time, don't roll the dice if you can't pay the price, don't run your feet down a dead-end street.
 - M Ames & D Grusin

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