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What is this Shit? 2011-05-21
Anybody else think this is a great idea?

Writing on the Wall? 2011-02-26
Are the curtains ablaze? By Mack Diesel.

Safari 4: A Privacy Nightmare 2009-05-24
Alfred's back designing applications in Cupertino again? Includes new CLIX command file to help thwart the worst.

Epic Fail for Apple's Launch Services 2009-05-19
Can it be exploited?

Open Report 2009-04-29
From Rixstep to Apple on the 4th anniversary of Tiger.

Please Mr Jobs 2009-04-11
Not much to ask. Ring Tim and get him on it.

The Beauty of Leopard Tooltips 2009-03-08
Stupid ideas that can't be turned off: that's good design. Pushed through by 'user experience engineers'.

Leopard Nonstop Bugfest: Shafting the Admins 2009-01-18
If you sell it - then support it. If you don't want to support it anymore - then say so.

Really Deleting Mail 2008-12-06
It might not be gone when you think it is.

Ghost of index.dat 2008-11-19
Be prepared for a shocker.

It Sees Dead People 2008-11-19
More shenanigans from the file manager nobody wants.

A Document Being Saved on 10.4 2008-11-05
Digging deeper. How far back does this behaviour go?

(A Document Being Saved By Rixedit)/CocoaDocument-Based.rtx 2008-11-05
Small Scale Data Loss™ © Apple Inc.

WWDC Quotes 2008-11-04
Dedicated to the programmer wannabe who denies denying anything.

(A Document Being Saved By Rixedit)/Untitled 2008-11-04
One wonders if they realise it's not Unix - or intelligent - anymore.

Stupid Simple Root Exploit Remains in Mac OS X 10.5.5 2008-09-19
For those who feel a need to think they're better than the hundreds of millions of victimised Windows users out there: forget it. As long as this hole remains no Apple computer in the world is safe.

10.5.5 2008-09-19
Lots of security fixes.

SLIPOC – Root Exploit of Mac OS X 2008-07-18
The system login items proof of concept. It can't get more obvious than this.

10.5.4: Why Bother? 2008-07-01
He's not gone. His spirit lives on.

Small by Design 2008-06-25
And that's a good thing.

Revisiting the Safari Vulnerability on Windows 2008-06-15
Are things any better on OS X?

10.5.3: The Verdict 2008-06-01
The latest version of Fanboy OS is here. Read what it does.

One Year Safari Response Timeouts? 2008-05-16
'That should be plenty of time for a server-side process to complete!'

Those Apple Inc JavaScript Wizards 2008-04-19
It takes a village to crash a browser.

A Little Goes a Long Way II 2008-04-19
The yardstick's broken. Smashed.

A Little Goes a Long Way 2008-04-02
Who's the yardstick now?

.XcodeSCMTemp 2008-03-24
Speed mountains remain.

All's Well That Ends (Mostly) Well 2008-03-19
Safari 3.1 brings improvements. Really.

What's Bertie Up To? 2008-03-07
How well does Avie's replacement fill the shoes?

They're Not Coming 2008-02-29
10.5 = 10.4 Apple.

A Litter of Nitwits 2008-02-28
According to the rumour mill Apple hired on a litter of nitwits to complete Leopard. Is this true?

A Road to Daytona 2008-02-26
Start by turning right at N de Anza Blvd.

Rollback 2008-02-15
Trade a bug fix for a feature.

Double Nuts 2008-02-14
Happy Valentine's 10.5.

Rock Solid Foundation 2008-02-12
It's more than Unix.

10.5.2 2008-02-12
The first real release? The first good release?

Safari World's Fastest Browser 2008-02-09
It's not enough to be world's fastest. You also have to be world's best.

-o 2008-02-05
Here we go again.

Glaring Defects 2008-01-28
Got anything to add to the list? It's unlikely you don't.

Leopard -Tmp- 2008-01-25
We can listen. Sure we can. What we can't promise is not to laugh.

Just An Ordinary Innocent Little Old Text File 2008-01-24
This can't be intentional. This has to be an accident.

Safari: Raising the (Scroll) Bar 2008-01-04
This can't be an accident. This has to be intentional.

An Itsy Bitsy Leopard Flaw 2007-12-26
Unexpectedly it's in Finder.

Why Leopard is Better 2007-12-25
And where it's safer. Originally published at the CLIX Exchange.

Apple's Open Source Bait & Switch 2007-12-21
The long term supporters were led down the garden path. Systematically.

Apple's Cross-Platform Bait & Switch 2007-12-21
The long term supporters were led down the garden path. Systematically.

Where's the Buttons? 2007-12-17
Things conspicuous in their absence.

Leopard: YMMV 2007-12-14
Apple must still be doing something right.

Errata 2007-12-12
And a few updates.

Reader Comments 2007-12-12
A smattering.

launchctl Fun 2007-12-11
'C'mon join the joyride.'

'You have not specified any recipients' 2007-12-11
How many Apple programmer brains fit on the head of a pin?

Leo Takes a Leak 2007-12-10
Who's taking the Mickey?

Dul Boot 2007-12-09
It's cool. But right now it's also a necessity.

Another Bug, Another Revelation 2007-12-08
Secrets lurk behind crashes.

People to Meet (2) 2007-12-04
It's a big 64-bit leap.

Leopard: OS Xhumation 2007-12-03
Old bugs see the light of day.

People to Meet (1) 2007-12-03
It's a long line.

Second Day of Leopard (2) 2007-12-02
Your worst nightmare?

Second Day of Leopard (1) 2007-12-02
Getting high on believing?

First Day of Leopard 2007-12-02
Ougachaka ougachaka ouga ouga ougachaka.

After Three But Before Noon 2007-11-30
One month and one day.

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