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Leopard: OS Xhumation

Old bugs see the light of day.

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Because of their nomadic lifestyle the proprietors of this site only had the last half year of the two and one half year life cycle of Tiger to - well to poke holes in it.

The idea isn't to find fault but it was to report something when it was discovered and found annoying or counterproductive.

In this half year Rixstep reported over fifty bugs to Apple. For a system that was already two years old. That might set a record - not so much for us but for them.

Rixstep no longer report bugs to Apple. Why? Because it doesn't pay. The idea behind reporting bugs is an assumption they will be fixed. But Apple never fix bugs. Not even over a period of several years of inertia and arrogant denials and dismissals.

- The 'Opener hole' was open for at least a year and a half after it formally came to Apple's attention. Many reports indicate Apple knew of the hole years earlier but chose to ignore it. Some reports say Apple replied to pleas with total dismissal - and the obnoxious 'works as designed'.

As the Opener hole is the single most gaping hole - called 'not a hole but a crater' by its author - in the overall history of personal computer security that too must be a record.

- Kevin Finisterre's hate object the input managers hole remained open for several years. Both Kevin and this site tried to bring pressure on Apple to close the hole. It is now 'somewhat closed' with Leopard but in the meantime vermin like Oompa Loompa were allowed to hurt computer users.

To this day Apple file management is a royal mess: source files are deleted before they're moved; files are allowed to overwrite entire directories and file systems; and so forth. Bug reports are summarily dismissed. These bugs too are several years old - and with no fix day in sight even now.

Following are Tiger bugs formally reported to Apple in the past half year. At the end of this half year Rixstep as many third party sources were told to go out and buy Leopard and see if the bugs remained. The implication of course was that Apple no longer cared what happened to Tiger - and Tiger users.

Check yourselves to see if these bugs remain in Leopard.

Terminal Find Does Not Put Find String on Find PasteboardMac OS XUI/Usability2007-05OpenFixed first in Leopard after being open for at least 5 1/2 years
Safari still trips up on refreshesSafariUI/Usability2007-05DuplicateFirst reported days after 1st release; still not fixed
Address Book Keeps Adding 'Apple Computer'Mac OS XSerious Bug2007-05DuplicateNever fixed in Tiger
HFS does not update atime correctlyMac OS XSerious Bug2007-05Behaves correctlyDeveloper who dismissed this did a single test on a single file and then proclaimed 'behaves correctly'; the bug's been noted and corroborated for years by many developers
Mail Accesses Wrong Pasteboard for ServicesMac OS XSerious Bug2007-05DuplicateStill not fixed not even in Leopard
Apple Mail Trashes Drafts FolderMac OS XUI/Usability2007-06OpenPreviously dismissed then reopened; still not fixed in Leopard
MDItemMarkAsUsedWithPathAndCatInfo Crash on Invalid Data from Launch ServicesMac OS XCrash/Hang/Data Loss2007-06DuplicateStill not fixed; a VERY serious bug
Safari Munges Menu Bar ISafariOther Bug2007-06DuplicateNever fixed in Tiger
Safari Munges Menu Bar IIOtherOther Bug2007-06DuplicateNever fixed in Tiger
Apple Mail Munges Rendering / Leaves Data RemnantsOtherOther Bug2007-06DuplicateNever fixed in Tiger
Icon Composer Incorrect Behaviour in Regard to ics8 and icl8 DataDeveloper ToolsUI/Usability2007-07OpenUnfortunate: it worked OK until some pinhead got something stuck up his you know what
Apple Mail Not Recognising ModificationsMac OS XUI/Usability2007-07OpenNever fixed in Tiger; serious bug
Unified Toolbar Rendering with 'Floating' Palette in FocusMac OS XUI/Usability2007-07OpenThe height of arrogance was when they wrote and told us to buy Leopard if we didn't like the bug
Mail Preview Safari ConfusedMac OS XUI/Usability2007-07DuplicateExtraordinary bug: Preview showed images backwards; never fixed in Tiger
Preview Rendering SnagsMac OS XUI/Usability2007-07OpenNever fixed in Tiger
Safari Also Munging Scroll BarsSafariUI/Usability2007-07OpenNever fixed in Tiger
Safari: Single Keychain Entry per DomainSafariEnhancement2007-07OpenAmazing Hyatt is so dimwitted
IB Doesn't Display Outlets and ActionsDeveloper ToolsUI/Usability2007-07OpenNever fixed in Tiger
NSWorkspace fails on file operationsMac OS XUI/Usability2007-07OpenNever fixed in Tiger
NSTableView Rendering on PPC MachinesMac OS XSerious Bug2007-07OpenNever fixed in Tiger
Flawed Pasting with MailMac OS XUI/Usability2007-07DuplicateNever fixed in Tiger
/Applications SUID root binaries allow system compromiseMac OS XSecurity2007-08OpenMOAB #15; never fixed in Tiger
Apple Mail Mailboxes Mysteriously DisappearMac OS XUI/Usability2007-08OpenNever fixed in Tiger; still not fixed in Leopard
Safari allows spurious cookiesSafariOther Bug2007-08OpenOpen since Day One; still not fixed in Leopard
Safari Scroll Arrows DysfunctionalSafariOther Bug2007-08OpenStill not fixed in Leopard
Mail Sorting Indicators ConfusedMac OS XUI/Usability2007-08OpenThe height of arrogance was when they wrote and told us to buy Leopard if we didn't like the bug
Incorrect Interaction with AppKit ServicesSafariOther Bug2007-09OpenThe height of arrogance was when they wrote and told us to buy Leopard if we didn't like the bug
Safari Downloads into Thin AirSafariUI/Usability2007-09OpenINCREDIBLY stupid bug far worse than the 'massive data loss' bug - still not fixed
'/Library/Logs/console'Mac OS XSerious Bug2007-09OpenOfficially it's open but actually it's been fixed - it's just that they don't know it; a really nasty and embarrassingly stupid bug
NSComboBox Uses Incorrect Window LevelMac OS XUI/Usability2007-09DuplicateFIXED IN LEOPARD!!1!
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