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launchctl Fun

C'mon join the joyride.
 - P Gessle

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Hold on tight for you're in for a lot of fun. But first take the following precautions for safety's sake.

  • Make sure you're running Leopard. [It's the one with the 'Aurora' desktop. You're not sure what 'Aurora' is? No worries - you might see it again in a few seconds.]
  • Preferrably do this on a clean boot. Your call.
  • Close all open applications.
  • Been doing any important work? Be sure to save it.
  • Launch Terminal.app. [If you don't know what or where that is click here.]
  • Type in the following.
    launchctl singleuser
  • Press 'enter'.
  • Try not to panic. Be patient.
  • Log back in.

Wasn't that fun?

OK now that you've done that (and survived) try this experiment: do as before but leave one document of any kind open and with outstanding changes. Make sure of course it's not an important document.

Otherwise follow the above steps again.

And when you're logged back in again try to find that unsaved document.

Are you still having fun?

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