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An Itsy Bitsy Leopard Flaw

Unexpectedly it's in Finder.

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Let's go spelunking in /Applications and see what Leo's got, OK?

Lots of cool apps. And an AppleScript subdirectory full of more of the good stuff. If we want to write some professional shareware we have to go in there. But later, OK?

And at the bottom beneath the middle column we see our CWD - our current working directory. Well almost. It's not slashed as a Unix path (even though this is supposed to be Unix). It's kind of like 'dumbed down' sort of like in a way somewhat remotely reminiscent of the so called 'Beige Box™' - you know the one that didn't have slashes or even relative paths but lots and lots of COLONS [and BUGS].

So let's try to get more information on this software cornucopia. Let's 'right click' (or 'ctrl-click') on the window. Now you may notice nothing is selected save 'Applications' in the source list on the far left - and that evidently doesn't count in this scenario. 'Get Info' only applies to a selection on the right. But nothing's selected on the right. So why is the menu item enabled?

So what do you think happens if you click on 'Get Info'?

Oops! Beta testers! Where are our beta testers? Do we have any beta testers?

Thanks to Asbestos Salamander and 'k0' for the research on this one.

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