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Safari: Raising the (Scroll) Bar

This can't be an accident. This has to be intentional.

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Everyone's heard of (and seen) the 'screen remnants' that have plagued OS X ever since version 10.4 Tiger. But mostly people see scratches of text or half an extra scroll bar - something that's obviously a deep down blooper.

This is different. It's an authentic picture of a Safari scroll bar. Caught in the act. And it's so well rendered that the thought it be yet another symptom of frazzled code is way remote. It's just too good.

What probably happened is that the Safari team - in collaboration with UE engineers of course - decided it's probably best to give users two calibrations. Pulling at the upper thumb of course moves the page faster than pulling the lower one.

After considerable research - both through dusty archives and extensive networking resources - it's been fairly well established no other OS vendors have ever tried something this revolutionary.

Nor can anyone recall ever seeing something like this even as a rendering mistake.

Apple, we salute you.
[The rest of this page is left intentionally blank - just like those empty resource forks.]
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