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Safari World's Fastest Browser

Here we go again.

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This occurs with Safari on Tiger; whether it occurs with Safari on Leopard isn't known yet. But it's a classic.

Surf to the right site - and it happens mostly at BBC News - and have a few tabs open and suddenly your horizontal scroll bar isn't a scroll bar anymore.

Now you'd suspect the underlying control (NSScroller) would still be there and pick up mouse drags but you'd be wrong. It's as if the scroll bar never existed as more than weird eye candy.

Safari's done a lot of things like this over the years. There are still a number of outstanding - and recurring - issues with it. The development team rush on to implement new features and change the code to conform to new standards but they're always ahead of themselves. And when you do things like that it's hard to get the bugs out.

Bug hunting isn't normally that difficult. But when the project itself is out of control there's not a lot you can do. And not a lot anyone can do to help you.

Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox, Camino: they're all capable of doing some really weird things. But when it comes to really dumb superficial (cosmetic) bugs Safari remains in a class of its own.

Safari world's fastest browser: it's not enough to be world's fastest. You also have to be world's best.

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