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Stupid Simple Root Exploit Remains in Mac OS X 10.5.5

All that hard work - for what? What are they thinking?

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A stupid simple hack-free root exploit of Apple's operating system remains wide open after the most recent security update. The exploit's only been there for what pundits estimate is over five years - perhaps Bertie and crew are going to get around to fixing it in the next Millennium?

Any Apple Mac OS X system in the world - fully patched and up to date - can be totally and irrevocably compromised by a hassle-free and painless fully automated process. This security hole has been around for years. Why isn't it being fixed?

Testing this vulnerability takes but five minutes from beginning to end. It's completely innocuous. The full source code is included for those who aren't the trustworthy types. One need only launch the demo application, click one push button, and then follow the instructions on screen to both corroborate the exploit has worked and to perform the cleanup afterwards.

Five minutes.

And for those who feel a need to think they're better than the hundreds of millions of victimised Windows users out there: forget it. As long as this hole remains no Apple computer in the world is safe.

For Your Own Sake

Click on the images above to go to the original article; get the direct download there. For your own sake do yourself a favour and try the proof of concept - no Apple system is safe and this is something corporations and individual users alike should be aware of.

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