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Scott Anguish Quotes

Dedicated to the programmer wannabe who denies denying anything.

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Apple are focused on cross-platform and made that very clear today.

Windows runtime pricing announced. 'Free'. Developers will be able to ship cross-platform Yellow Box apps on Windows 95/NT boxes with no licensing fees!

John Landewehr gave a great cross-platform demo of Rhapsody running on NT.

OpenStep 4.2 is proven. It is based on NEXTSTEP technology that has been shipping for 8 years now. Every developer here went away with stable polished copies of these technologies to get started using and learning. If they don't take advantage of this there are definitely others that will.

I will point out again Apple have commited to Yellow Box on Windows long term. DR2 does run in the Windows 98 beta and there are versions in the labs running on NT 5.0 betas.

As I've said in several other places tear off menus are now implemented in DR2. Their position is remembered from session to session.

What's planned for Rhapsody 1.0? ActiveX support on Yellow Box Windows. This was quite cool actually. By dropping an ActiveX web browser into an Interface Builder window and making a couple of connections it was simple to download and view and interact with a web page.

For all intents and purposes Finder looks like the Workspace Manager (although written in Carbon) with the shelf added back in. There was little visible difference from the Workspace Manager that we've been using for YEARS now. The biggest change was that when you have a leaf file selected you can see a preview of the contents in the rightmost column.

During this session it was repeatedly brought up by developers that Cocoa on Windows is an important part of their strategy and Apple need to rethink their current backtracking on this.

There was a good deal of clapping in the audience when one of the comments was Cocoa/Yellow Box on Windows NT is definitely needed by developers.

I hope Apple are getting the message. I think Apple have a great feeling for the future of Yellow Box/Cocoa but they just don't know what to do with the Windows side of things.

We still need a deployment solution on Windows, especially for those of us who followed Apple's Yellow Box on Windows mantra for the past two years.

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