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Snow Leopard Rollout

The other builds work fine; this one works even better.

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POSITANO (Rixstep) -- It's TGIF, it's payday in many countries, and it's also the rollout of the ACP/Xfile 2.0.1 for Snow Leopard.

The ACP and Xfile builds for Snow Leopard are upwards of 100 new builds for as many Cocoa applications and command line tools.

The 10.5 Leopard and 10.4 Tiger builds already work on Snow Leopard; functionally there's not much difference with what's gone before and therefore the same version number is being used as was used for 10.5 Leopard.

Some of the changes.

1. ACP Services

The new 'flat hierarchy' model for 'the rest of them' meant dispensing with menu subitems through the use of the slash character. The two services menus look as follows, one for all possible searches and the other for text transformations. A plus: the ability to primp items with an icon. Cute!

2. File System Info

Snow Leopard now uses the FreeBSD 'birthtime' field for status information. This makes it possible to augment the standard framework system info sheet. Tracker's special sheet gets a makeover as well.

3. Cocoa Paths

There are more registered paths than ever. Lightman finds them all.

4. New Tracker IPC

Tracker inherits the Xframe IPC mechanism for unparalleled performance and responsiveness.

5. Footprints

As these apps are almost exclusively 64-bit, the total disk footprint is down dramatically. The Xfile binary is a mere 53968 bytes as an example. No app is at or over 100 KB any longer. 64-bit builds are more often than not much more efficient than 32-bit builds.

6. Performance

Performance is consistently way up with the Snow Leopard builds. Xfile set a new world record, enumerating 8468 files in 'man3' and preparing ten columns of data for each in a dazzling 189.068 milliseconds. Xscan's robustness also got a dramatic boost with 64-bit computing. Similar boosts have been seen across the board.

7. Major Enterprise

Something like 114 projects were retooled, studied, and tested. Some work remains but results at this point are so good. 64 Cocoa applications and 50 command line tools were rebuilt, this in addition to the service engine, the framework, and the like.

The ACP/Xfile Snow Leopard builds are free to all registered users.

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