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There is elegance in simplicity. And power. And hard work too. The ACP is the project the ACP Web Services and CLIX come from. 100+ Cocoa apps and command line tools. The only POSIX-compliant file management system available for macOS. The fastest file management tools you'll find anywhere.

Taste complete freedom like you otherwise enjoy on other Unix platforms. Get used to going where you want to go and doing what you want to do. Get control and protect yourself, all by yourself. Use what the pros use.

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Keymaster protects macOS systems from Apple's Gatekeeper. A free version is also available.

Keymaster is the first of a number of coming iterations based on Rixsteo's Seahaven technology as found today in the applications CandS, Changes, and Lightman.


Changes digs into the innards of macOS and shows you what's really happening behind the scenes. You really trusted Apple?



Clean and Seal: CandS cleans your downloads (and files in general) from toxic Gatekeeper cruft and then seals them to prevent further mischief.

CandS incorporates Seahaven technology today.


Through ten sovereign panels, Lightman shows you what's happening in your macOS system and what the system itself sees.

Lightman incorporates Seahaven technology today.

ACP Web Services [FREE]

Browse though hundreds of free web services and install the ones you want on your Services menu. Access reference works not by starting up additional applications but by selecting text and letting the ACP Web Services do the rest right then and there. Freeware.


The Good, the Bad - and the Very Ugly.



Don't sell a man a fish - teach him to fish instead.

CLIX: the command line interface for macOS voted the #1 power tool by iCreate Magazine. Over one thousand commands get you started. Harness the true power of macOS today. Freeware.


Oh go ahead - have fun. And don't fret new software ever again. Defends against both software installs and uninstalls. Can forensically track anything.

Updated now for the increasingly perplexing macOS.

Extreme Power Tools

The programming team at Rixstep were part of the principal driving force behind Extreme Power Tools, Windows software acclaimed as perhaps the best engineered for that platform ever.

If you run Windows and don't have the XPT yet, you'd best wander over. The Radsoft site offers a rich selection of information on programming, computer workshops, software reviews - everything from here to the sun with nearly 2000 pages of content.

Computers, even Apple computers, are tools for work. Apple stuck their head in the sand on this one, trying to make their computers a lifestyle accessory. Rixstep create software to make your work work. There is elegance in simplicity. And power. And hard work too.

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