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Apple software for programmers and admins. Available only through Rixstep's payment processor affiliates. (No, Apple will never be one of them.) Over one hundred applications, utilities, and tools in one package. The only complete and POSIX-compliant file management system available. No holds barred here. The fastest and most robust software found anywhere. Welcome to the real world of possibilities. Taste unconditional freedom. Get used to going where you want to go and doing what you want to do.

Plus one year of updates and new applications free. You're ecstatic or your money back.

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The full product includes 64-bit builds for Snow Leopard to Big Sur, 32-bit legacy builds for Tiger to Leopard, ACP Portable for all OS versions, further legacy builds for Jaguar to Panther, and updates and new applications for one year.

System Requirements

This product supports all file systems past, present, and future (APFS, devfs, fdesc, HFS+, HFS+ case-sensitive, UFS, volfs, ZFS).

120+ Cocoa apps, utilities, and command line tools. (You need something else? Tell us.)

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