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ACP Service Browser

It's in the past.

 - MacUpdate

'The best got even better!'
 - MacUpdate

If you think the ACP Web Services were something, wait until you get a look at this.

When David Pogue wrote about the future of Cocoa services he couldn't have imagined this. It's no longer the future - the future David Pogue wrote about is now officially in the past.

With thousands of easily accessible web services in the grab bag, and several thousand more on the way, it becomes vital to have a way to know what is what and where the forest is for the trees.

[400? There are now more than 4000 (four thousand) services available.]

Some people might already understand that 'Wunderground' is a global weather service, but staring at the URL if you don't know won't help much. Just understanding how the search engines of a single website work has become a minor science.

The ACP Service Browser puts them all in easy-to-use and easy-to-read searchable windows. Every service is usable as is or can be inserted on your Services menu if you really like it and want to keep it around.

Goto All

As if everything else weren't attractive enough, the ACP Service Browser does something heretofore unimaginable.

Or how about accessing several hundred search engines all at once with a single mouse click?


Create your own custom searches: assemble links and let your web browser fly to them all at once.

Flexible, Scaleable

As the ACP Service Browser is an authentic native Cocoa document based application, you're able to make your own services files and switch items between them any which way you please.

Select several services at once and have your query string open each and every URL - all at once.

It's flexible, it's scaleable - it's up to you.

The Future's in the Past

The future got very close, DP. So close it got in your shoes by now.

And starting now, it's officially a thing of the past.

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